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Well we're just now coming out of harbor nation from this winter we had over here the water temperature is still down on you see where you had lots of weather everywhere we have that gold is wondering i remember since i was a kid so i know i know i talked to travis wants this week and he's turkey hunting in oklahoma and he told me yesterday it's going to be snowing the this morning when they go out to hunt right yeah laws customer added who's place turkey hunting and video in it then you don't have any turkeys rossouw skill he said the video was shaken because he was on his he nervous oh yeah he'll gets excited over killing a thirty they all it always is it's absolutely always is turkey hunting is other than the size of animal maybe when you're moose or elk hunting then bowel means to turkey's a number one big game animal north american any takes out there that he's a play football down at mercer and he loves to turkey hunt he is absolutely smitten with erkki well he kills them every year doesn't he yes sir yes sir and he rose to go out realize because there's a bunch of turkey oh boy well are you fishing this weekend knows you where's the water temperature is still down over here in the bates dot come in and we tried this week and we couldn't even catch a pin fish the seasons little longer they care so well they're still there you'll get them i know they're adults your water still in the sixties out there it's a sixty nine degrees forty something miles offshore so i gotta get a you know in the seventies for the games come in so you bet you i need to do that i need to go king vision again and maybe i'll call you in this summer maybe we can go i love you know i'll tell you before about going bottom fish now if you ever get hooked on that you want you can't you never know what's coming up all of that bottom you bet you gotta go pal have a great take care of you bet see you later this is only a we'll be back with bilton crab apple he's calling right now.

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