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B j j. f. jumped on board and started doing some tournaments. I wanna sing like quarter three and quarter four again only in texas and florida. But that was as far as as much as jujitsu as i got. You know What about you were able to sneak in any training during the lockdown man. You know just like what you said you know like people garage here and there but like not much to be honest with like it's a little bit more like close contacts so i really didn't want to do it as much in then for you know like a been saying afternoon lot more standup than i have been doing. Ju jitsu for past like two years So for me. It was more like Like i said. I have a heavy bag in in my garage and then i have a heavy a double n. Bag so i was just doing a lot of that. You know just looking up different story on youtube or just different drills that i can run on those things and then you know going out running. I kind of like ron especially when add a stressful day. Like the one of the things that i that distresses me so like. Just go out run. Come back if heavy bag or the land bag just to get some much technique in and Yeah like that's kind of what. I did every once in a while just like couple times a couple of times in the summer of twenty twenty. I did go to a buddies garages. We got a couple of roles But you know recently. I had been doing moy tie training With my with my coach dodo. Shout out and But it was just most of the time he was him and i and it was just like one of those days where there was nobody else knew jim just to so ray with a khaki a good distance and then we would just work on every bag so we just run different girls who gave us it would give me a drill and he just had me drill it out a bunch of times and he would be there with me. So that's kinda will were doing. Just doing different drills on the heavy bag different drills with work like he brought out like you know the i what they're call. They're just like the the ladder. Put down on the on the ground in two. Different footwork drills. So yeah i'll you know a lot of that a lot of that kinda shit so that was really helpful because that's kind of stuff. I never did in a really helped dominance me especially when it came to light my foot work and you know if you guys know your fool work is like fucking like half of what up is if you're working right like you're not gonna have good speed. You're now going to have good. You're not gonna have to balance so that stuff that i never trained before a lot so that was kind of cool in especially because there was nobody else was just kind of like a one training but nice man. Yeah say that yeah. That was pretty cool so show yeah shadows because storrow right there man get some baby. Yeah all right well you know how about now that things are kind of. I mean eighty got back. Got both of shots i got. Why mom and dad got both of their shots. You.

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