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It didn't become a prominent wasn't a diva or anything i'd have to worry about work through that stuff yeah and yes great opposite zoe to those early zone that's right donna donna yes yes super earlier i mean she and she became just this megastar yeah who she's gonna for for whatever reason continues to be made it into an alien of a different color but like that's still cool to there's that's that's that's an interesting object get into that ossified philosophize movie honestly yeah james do you have any other questions about drumline that you wanted to ask yeah i mean a couple things are coming up for me now actually one of them is like it's interesting that when talking about nick cannon you talk about his sort of his boyish nece or like his sort of his sort of childlike quality that he brought to it and something that we talk about on the on the podcast a lot is that like there are not a lot of black coming of age movies like like like we see we see so many whites coming of age stories but like and then and i don't even i can't recall if we talked about drumline as if it were a coming of age movie win we reviewed it but that's what's coming back to me now is like that's exactly what it is like he you know he starts one way in his journey is sort of like is very much like one of growing up into can you just talk a bit about like like your thoughts on that on like if that is something that you have noticed and like how you think we can sort of change the the scope of hollywood like we can have more movies like this well it is happening for sure as much as we joke about the word diversity and there's always going to be they're never going to get the right word but it's there's there is success within the the market or the the stage of of of television storytelling in feature films storytelling i mean i think more in television because there are so many platforms and everyone's been now empowered if not emboldened with the confidence that they can put out the content they want to put out that people wanna listen enters opportunity for like obviously atlanta insecure what is the the the lena wave movie made into a series she says christ clayton no you're talking about is it on hbo insecure is on hbo it's not it's not power but oh i know ooh have alzheimer's moment happens to us all the time get mad at us for not knowing things oh the shy no no no no it was a movie and lean away white people thank you knew was a sentence she's doing so much yeah she's at steps brian's on that that we did so i got the chance to work with she's she's she's awesome but yes there is there more platforms for it to happen and i think what you're saying there's there's more of an open ear and to receiving it and especially something like it lanta in even again like what's the rappers name he did he got a pulitzer pulitzer prize andrew maher yeah kendrick lamar i mean why look at his music videos and and he'll take you know he's taking the hip hop the john raw and again making it his own and really coming with a real sort of vin vigor and how he's he's presenting it like his shows with the instrumentation in the compositions and stuff it's it's just again i say emboldened and empowered folks are just doing it and childish gambino i mean don donald glover like what he's what he's putting out and is receiving praise for it is pretty exceptional so it's definitely happening i think to maybe kind.

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