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Singing at MoveOn Ruge every notice so perfectly achieved and it just sounds a little too perfect that's that's very all very interesting I'm gonna need to spend some very very close later because I'm wondering if she lip syncs well she wasn't opening her mouth that much yeah right and and again she's on like a notes you have to open up her mouth yeah and also I was like I I so the commentary in my house with things like wow she's doing Barbara Streisand like how much did she have to pay barber to to do that song also that's ballsy you would just like Jennifer Lopez would bust out bad here's the connection you guys rule here's the connection is that Jennifer Lopez is a brand ambassador for coach the current coach collection features images of Barbra Streisand on their merchandise Jennifer I believe this is you this is your Allen's this season one of those pieces of merchandise in this video knocking off one world together at home experience we don't have to I don't have time for unacceptable also local I don't need your coach road also so the other commentary that was going on as did you watch the mela no now they looked great she Miller what's a similar quickly sorry Milica bail and I Shawn Mendez that the publication ship with the publishing chapter relationship republics that he and they were getting their publicist T. all one now as a listener pointed out they sounded great despite the fact that their relationship is a hot mess of lights and I do want to give them credit because they were sitting like a keyboard or something in her I'm assuming it's like her basement or something and then there's like candlelight they're all like hi baby did they end up liking others faces they did not like faces but I I will say they sounded great okay well good that is a good thing right Marcus Stewart and Jamie got to see Priyanka Chopra for the first time now he doesn't see her the way we do the lands of their publication ship with Nick Jonas but he resents her because she's married to Nick so there was a little bit of vitriol on on our end the camera was she on it too yes she did like a a she she did like a words she'd talked as words she did words like she talked about the importance of you know the good work that people are doing and you know it was perfectly it's totally something you expected it yeah right because she is UNICEF yep ambassador absolutely I might have to watch that all right when we come back on the Colina Bradley show Hey we got Elizabeth Reese she's bringing all the dirt straight from Hollywood it's a dirt alert on my talk one oh seven one he broke in down around the world and in the Twin Cities we've heard the descriptions from the daily lives of health care workers like a war zone line chefs no sleep thanks S. stressful shell shocked pushed to the brink but also what we're trained for and it's why we do what we do I talked once to help Minnesota's health care workers with meals housing childcare and other programs that are designed to help get them through while they are in E. ours in ice use risking their own lives.

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