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To get Just good evening 10 38 traffic and weather on the eights to Bob Miller in the W T o p Traffic Center on the Beltway and Prince George's County on the inner loop After 202 quite a slow down there may have a new crash. So be alert on the inner loop of the Beltway just after exit 17 202 now on 50 eastbound before too old to police or with a crash. And they're at times when you do get by you squeezed by single file to the right around that crash and around the county south bound on Route three. The accident is after 4 24. But just before you get to the first intersection of route 4 50 traffic on to seventies without delay in both directions. 95 b W Parkway each doing all right in Virginia, A T end of the ramp from south on 3 95 to the outer loop of the Beltway. There was a crash along the right side and there is road work tonight on 66. Now listen, Er says Westbound 66 traffic is being diverted. You must exit 66 westbound onto 50 west. You can ride the Rams in West Ox Road, Then back to 66 West, But east bound on 66. There is roadwork eastbound route 50, and you're getting by single file to the left from stoppages Later on tonight, you're scheduled and then he's found it. Not the street to get by. Single file to the right. Bob Emily W T OBY traffic How to storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford start washing effect through early Sunday morning through early Monday morning. Tonight will be quiet. It will be clear to part the cloudy will be cold. All those middle protein suburbs loaded their twenties here the district Good Looking day on Saturday, Lots.

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