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As long as Rodgers plays good cop and want to stay. He's got three years left to the contract than entering that final year. The deal. That's where it gets compelling Homer in Louisiana. Next up on the show. Homer. What's happening? Yes. Thank you for taking my whole walk tonight. The projects will say this Oh, if I have to take Tom Brady or Patrick Holmes. Tom Brady just simply gets it done when he has to win the playoffs. I mean, he's you know, he's beaten Drew Brees. He's beaten Aaron Rodgers. I mean, the guy gets it done in the playoffs, the number one now he's also be Kurt Warner on the big game. Russell Wilson is well Matt Ryan, too. So let's play that Jerome better sound. This is Jerome Bettis. When I asked him when you were playing with the Steelers for your teams with the Steelers. If you could take Brady or my home, swap out the quarterback who would you go with the reason I would say Brady is because we didn't have the dynamic Players. You know we didn't have. I mean, we had some, but we didn't have just the speedster and just do this and that you know, we had some some really good players, but I think we were more methodical down the field. I think Brady works a little bit more with being more methodical. So probably have to been Tom Brady. Here's what I think people forget. Hey. Brady Mahomes. Give either one. I think you'll be fine. But here's what I'm gonna like you, Brady and I don't hold this against my homes. Holmes is three years in my homes has done things I've never seen done before on a football field. And I think you could put my homes in any team and he'd be a stud. You look at Brady Early on. I know they had a very good defense. Who is he throwing the football too? David Patten. Even givens. Yeah. Early on Dion Branch, Super Bowl 39 when a Super Bowl and the P Brady. Don't come any players. He's made great, and I'm sure my Holmes is going to do that. Mahomes is just in a situation right now where I believe visas. Talented as talented, you could be at the quarterback spot. You do just wonder, though. But now is them looking as an unstoppable force an unbeatable force. Like what happens if Travis Kelsey has the missus season. How would they adjust? We see Brady those ground first season was Super Bowl. I was 28 to 3. So I'm just curious. Eventually that day when Kelsey You know is no longer there or Tyree kill gets hurt. How that does affect things I've already seen Brady win with. Plus now I'm not doubting the homes. Don't spend that, as you heard on the homes of doubt in the homes, but I'm picking between Brady or Mahomes. My homes. This first three years. He looks like he's on a current trajectory that is just going to be Off the charts. For Brady, though Even talk with a guy from 2001 on But it looks like it keeps on getting better. And even people think he is going to be down and out and done. And finally, crew's gonna come down and lose and all you know, everything's gonna come down, crashing and burning. After a slow start this year, still had 43 total touchdowns and is in a Super Bowl. So Yeah, I would go Brady over my homes, but Come on, If you wanna argue Patrick Holmes. I'm not gonna call you crazy. Let's get the closing bell. Another day.

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