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Technology firm transforming the retail space with digital signage also looking forward to handling an enormous amount of information that is the world we live in information is power information is contest information is mystery an enormous amount of information in the future future with what are called analog computers this is the ability to take data and put it into use as fast as possible either in the retail space or in manufacturing or certainly in stem however we have news from nature magazine that the premier stem publication in Europe matching science in the United States these are peer reviewed articles this is fresh news this is right off right off the wire quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor the abstract reads the promise of quantum computers is that certain computational tasks might be executed exponentially faster on a quantum processor than on a classical processor a fundamental challenges to build a high fidelity process are capable of client running quantum algorithms in an exponentially large compound computational space here we report the use of a processor with a programmable superconducting cubits that's one to talk to create quantum states on fifty three cubits corresponding to a computational state space of dimensions and then they give a measurement what this translates into and I won't read the whole thing because it has a lot of technical language even in the abstract is that they now believe they have a repeatable experiment with the.

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