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I think is caught in between it's not a it's not a prestige symbol unless you're in a major market even still nwa cells becoming that in a much smaller way but it is becoming like a cool thing to own. Moss clubs aren't really cool things down like there's no cash a in being the i dunno columbus crew owner outside of columbus. No one cares. I disagree with that it. it still. Owning owning a sports franchise it is still owning a part of the community. And it is also this is. This is the argument. That anyone that anyone's gonna make is that you're getting which would you would you not. Would you not argue that. Owning team mike lennon united would be cool owning a piece of l. Afc would be cool. I mean clubs. That are doing a lot. i now granted. I don't know how cool it is own. The colorado rapids arrested alanon. I'm saying this is what i'm saying the market. There's a galley. Yes but you know you talk about the new expansion teams. That have come in if you want to get in. On a sports franchise is right. Now you have to fight it out for maybe one spot in the nhl. Maybe you're looking at spending a whole bunch of money. That is probably already priced out right now. The reason is because mls is cheap. It's cheap ticket into it's cheap to to to buy a teen. You're getting in on something on the ground floor. You're getting on something that's growing. And i think that's what that's on the discussion that that that salmon and paul had on the show was. They are thinking far far into the future on this. And and you're you're seeing incremental growth in this league. Would you not deny that you're seeing in criminal growth in attendances crowds in john. C b not in tv. Okay that's the one and we'll get into the next part of this. Which is their association wanting to be sort of more closely associated With league amex. Where the tv deal..

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