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Your host. Lucas agin and joining me as always is my co host ryan smith. Brian how are you this weekend or shaken. It was it was good. I wish you fill the weekend Good i said it. I got a ton of matt's affecting. I'm absolutely loving that game. I feel like i'm a kid like outside of a candy store we've got. We've got some game pets coming up. We've got eighty. Three announcements are already starting to drop. I am absolutely pumped. This is like i love this time of the year. 'cause there's so much impo that we get we'll get into that here in a little bit but how about you how how was your weekend. Brother might weaken was good. I got a lot of gaming in a lot of mass effects. I actually revisited avengers for a little bit. Okay it'd been a long time since i picked up that game. They've improved a lot. Leaving proved a lot. It's a lot smoother back. When i was trying to give it. A big shot throws a lot of bugs. That dr near made me want quit through good and i did for a while just to be fair but lost lost potential. I gotta be honest. Lost potential in that game but enough about us. I know we're all excited for all the game. Announcements in our guest as we just recently had one and he's reading a wave of momentum one of the best indie game creators out there and a fellow member of the game awards future class. I always have to shout everybody. Alex is ollivier nelson. Junior is joining us. Heller you my friend. Have you gotten any risk at all these past few weeks yes. I have snatched from the jaws of exhaustion just several days worth of sleep to cope with all the madness. We just had a game launch in an airport aliens run by dogs which had a really really positive reception We announced el paso elsewhere This past weekend. We're on the front page of enemy dot com right now next. Frigging like steve mcqueen. Twelve years a slave and.

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