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Downstairs at penn station just since millar you know it's everywhere i swear to go if i love this city never wanna leave we'll stay here forever except for the trash except for mass transit and that includes mass transit and the the highways getting in here by car it's just disgusting there's there's no easy way it the the queen's midtown tunnel they've been working on those tunnels putting up tiles for god's sakes they closed one tunnel the where you have an outgoing in an incoming they closed one so now you have just one lane on one of the tunnels each way and it's a disaster every single effing day it's impossible it's awful it's the and then you've got the fdr drive the article this way of that way and delays here lanes closer street always close all polling tara everywhere and then the you'd be aliyahia every everywhere you go and i take the two training every single day is a duty inside the car guys masturbating i mean it's it's fun book and that's a vote jointed it's a horror show a whether you take the train or you drive either way just it's a shame of the city and speaking of which our esteemed mayor de blasio saw fit we mentioned his last hour to jump on a plane yesterday got to hamburg and these anarchists these anti capitalists rioting in the streets of hamburg this guy does a good idea to go out there that day and blow off a police graduation ceremony on the day after we had a cop assassinated and some would save partially because of his rhetoric that he is still yet to apologize for leading up to the session agent the two cubs in brooklyn this the disgrace the blasio anyway i'm getting off track tracker no more and more story for you down atlantic city the trump taj mahal his one time casino a close now and there was lines of people outside the senior yesterday they weren't gamblers though they were getting rock bottom deals on liquidation sale of all all the contents in this ostentatious casino that was built back in 1990 there was some chandeliers that were bought for two hundred fifty thousand dollars now on sale for thirty five thousand dollars a forty thousand dollars chandelier being sold for seventy five hundred hours this woman collecting campbell laps that were inside each single hotel room that were.

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