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Greatjob in Redmond or Seattle, joined ups and earn upto $21 per hour in the warehouse. Apply now at ups jobs dot com slash Washington. Next Cuomo traffic at 2 44. Meteorologist Kristen Clarke has our co Moh forecast. The wind has calmed considerably across the area today, averaging about 5 to 10 MPH, but the showers they linger in a few spots, especially cross the whole mission, King County You'll likely encounter a passing shower out there for the evening commute. The showers and the clouds, though, will clear tonight is high pressure strengthens over western Washington. But that's gonna result in some areas of fog for the Thursday morning commute overall tomorrow, though, the driest stay of the entire workweek for by Friday. Here comes a few more showers and the breeze will begin to pick up a CZ. Well, maybe topping 20 MPH, but not nearly as strong as what we saw yesterday in the coming weather center of a neurologist Kristen Clark. Partly sunny skies in Seattle, and it's 60 degrees. Come on news time, too. 36 The state of Oregon had its hottest September on record last month. Climate officials say that the Earth actually broke a heat record marking the hottest September in 141 years. Temperatures averaged 60 degrees, nearly two degrees above the 20th century average. Climatologists believe there's a strong possibility This will end up being the hottest year on record. They say human caused global warming is the biggest reason for the increase. Strong winds and heavy rain brought down trees and power lines yesterday afternoon, especially in Snohomish County in the convergence zone. Como's Jonathan show toured some of the aftermath. Snohomish County Public Utility District says more than 10,000 households in the county lost power because of high winds. A spokesperson says Crews already restored power to several homes, but it's still unclear when it will all come back on. Usual. Last ones get power back. In the meantime, no power means no Internet connection. One teacher in Monroe had to drive around all morning to find a place with electricity so he could teach his virtual class on the key peninsula. A man was killed by a falling tree limb. Almost Tammy Matassa reports from the scene. A man.

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