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And Steve Patterson. You like Huey Lewis and the news? This is you know, I'm not a big, weird out Yankovic fan. I don't dislike him. But a lot of people go crazy for my favorite thing is what he did with Hamilton. Okay. Remember that? Yes, My favorite song of his grown up was Amish Paradise, which was the take on Gangsta's paradise. But I just don't go crazy for this morning. I saw something that he just did. That was quite funny. It's a parody of Tuesday night's presidential debate, which went super smooth. That's called America is doomed the musical and it went online yesterday. So this video features weird Al Yankovic moderating the debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. A little different, though, than a typical weird out parody because he is singing along with President Trump former vice President Joe Biden, thanks to the auto tuning expertise of the Gregory Brothers, so the Gregory brothers or the guys on YouTube who became famous with doing auto tune Spoofs. They do auto tune The news like the bed Intruder? Yeah, So So he teams up with these guys to sort of do a mock up of the debate, so we'll do about a minute of it. And at the beginning, it's weird. I'll having a bit of a nervous breakdown, and then he gathers himself. Andan. At one point, he realizes he's reading the script upside down for the first question, and then flips it. So here a little bit of him and then a little bit of the candidates. People are breathing out this living poison It kind of floated into my or like I lost my car. See that you steal my neighbors A good way to get here today. The one that crashed in the desert. These kids are big in a video on Armand Tic Tac. Yeah. I'm not hysterical. Despite No. Things. No, I can do that. Gentlemen. Welcome to the first presidential debate. First question in the key of G sharp minor school doing it doing it Women above a taboo. I'm so.

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