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Presences but in terms of like the dna of these companies and apple in particular this is what what they are apple is a cupertino company and and apple park as a representation of that identity and i can't imagine it really being any other way so yeah in the end i kinda came all the way around i think something coupled with this that i think is really frustrating is something that was called out in the article in love people talking about is the fact that there are no childcare facilities inside of this mammoth building the apple have created i feel like that this would have helped a lot of young people and young families especially when they're paying really high rental costs anyway to have something provided by the company so they have a solution for the children whilst at the inner there is something that again i don't have kids currently speak to a low this something i find awkward in the idea of like taking a kid to welcome putting them in the childcare like and then the company is looking after children while work in 14hour days like there is at at another something that makes me shift a little bit about that but i know that for so many people that renault over options right so this is why this shoot exist i find it disappointing the apple of created a brand new campus in heaven have la decided to to to confirm facility like this i'm on the fence about this because a detail like i don't know the detail of it i don't know what all the benefits are about apple and childcare yeah i mean i agree view but like you know and and and most tech companies it seems and large companies don't offer it but i i i share the disappointment because i think you could argue that.

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