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Wnyc studios is supported by forward waiting months for a ten minute. Doctor's appointment healthcare is backwards. Luckily forward is here to clear things up with on demand access to great care backed by the latest tech and top-rated doctors learn more at go forward dot com. That's go forward dot com listener supported w nyc studios. Hello this is robin. Hi is a swedish lutheran church in cambridge. We haven't done that in a very long time. But yeah this is. I'm the pastor of faith lutheran church. How can i help you. Oh okay thank you. I'm working on a story about pastor. Henning jacobson i'm sure. This is about vaccination. Yes awhile ago producer gabrielle. Burr bay cold called a church in cambridge massachusetts in search of the origin. Story of an argument. We're all having right now. President joe biden just announced that two thirds of american workers are going to be required.

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