Nyheim Hines, Myles Gaskin, Colts discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast


I mean i feel really iffy about the whole ninety mines thing. But he's definitely got to be added everywhere and always yeah so not to give them more work. But we've seen the colts coaching staff be done before. Well yeah what. I said on thursday night game was. This was the third time this season. That nyheim hines scored two touchdowns in a game and the first time. He received one touch the next week. So let's spend wasting everyone's fab we're gonna waste it again and then the also one of my one of my winners but savant mid. I'm i'm sure that he might just like. They had no reservations about sending matt brita in jordan howard to the sideline for myles gaskin because he looked the best. I don't know that anybody's gonna look better than med. I may just. He may just be there starter until gaskins back. What's the roster percentage of the giants. Starting running back tada today. i don't even want to. That guy is so rude dave..

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