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I was like didn't even occur to me to do that i would encourage everybody here to accept lower that and i know where run out of time so mike i have one more question and then i'll have some closing thoughts this is the tradition at warmed to ask what is your 60second idea to change the world restaurer okay think for yourself and be kind to yourself in your own mind because ninety percent of the unkindness that happens of the world is actually people being unkind themselves and if you're going to be if you set out to make the world better being kind to yourself in your own mind is probably the most straightforward high return uc your time possible cheers to that and so mike i just want to say that it's been such a joy and a privilege to know you for as long as i have and i really hope to spend more time with you i mean we spent a lot of time together but i'd like to spend more time and i i really truly believe in part of the reason i wanted to bring you out on stage tonight the you're one of the most genuine on tidal positive people who want to also impart the gift of positively to the world i've ever met so i just want to thank you for that all right well it's been funded see you do so well while he to amanda ladies and gentlemen my.

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