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Today's episode is brought to you by the eyes of. Tammy faye a movie that i am so excited about starring jessica chastain andrew garfield it's an intimate look at extraordinary rise fall and redemption of the televangelist. Tammy faye bakker. This is a woman who embraced our community during the height of the aids epidemic and most notably she featured the gay activists administer. Steve peters on our show he spoke about living with hiv and it was a revolutionary moment. I hope to show the world. It's possible to be a christian and a gay activist. So that is the is of tammy faye. It's only theaters starting september seventeenth. Oh my god. I'm freaking out that we're doing this because they didn't make a little closet apartment or something littlest closet for out of the closet is so exciting from the advocate magazine in partnership with glad. This is lgbtq. And i'm jeffrey.

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