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You part of the speech the Greta tune bird had given at the United Nations the relevant part of which for us was this we are in the beginning of a mass extinction or you can talk about is the money your favorite tales of. how do you. later I got a tweet from a guy by the name of robbery she's a professor of political science at Stanford and he said and so the quote Hey kat that Greta tumor clip you just played on market place she was talking also to you and your show would be nice to hear your reply so first all press riche thanks for listening second old maybe it would be better to hear from an actual communist about economic growth a short movie is a professor of international economic policy at Princeton the Woodrow Wilson school there thanks coming on the program Sir thank you very much first of all did you hear or see what credits on Burke said yesterday yes I did yes I did and what was your statement yeah what was your gut reaction look I I'm very inspired by her and I think she is cutting out a pot political pot on VHA gonna miss must now travel. this is going to sound like a very fundamental question but why does growth economic growth matter it matters because we want people's lives to be better what what when we've gone wrong is not even pursuing growth but in pursuing the wrong kind of growth and I think it must be the case it had better be the case that we can do a kind of gold that ultimately helps deepest lives and makes the climate change problem less daunting than it is how important is it that not all growth is created equal its it's it's one thing for developing economy to grow very quickly now because they have the means and they want to raise their standards of living it's another thing for some place like the United States to to grow it adding Quillen rate and and it's a different ballgame that is correct and so the United States where are clearly not grow at the same rate as India win. nevertheless even slow growth in the United States is important for the U. S. itself remember yes in your E. U. S. is a rich country but there are lots of people needing very precarious lives but there is also in the. more basic reason even from a developing emerging country point of view that or slow relatively slow growth in the United States never the less feeds into world trade we should then makes other countries prosper as they participate in global trade. there is no question that all of these need to grow to. in in any kind of horizon mode short term and long term it our. economic growth. and. actual substantive action on climate change or they is that possible for them to work together or they mutually exclusive yes no and and I think they need to work together responding to that directly. I think the green you know dean or just the philosophy of green your dealer is essentially the right one. and what is that saying that is saying that we need to change the way we do things it requires a much more intrusive environmental regulation on the premise that dad regulation we create a new Avenue for innovation and investment and that new Avenue for innovation and investment we create a different kind of go. he wrote that helps people who come out of poverty helps people to repair their deaths and we need growth for that but in a way in which we keep our ed clean we clean out water I think that that is the direction I'm reading from her from her comments a short movie is a professor of international economic policy the Woodrow Wilson school at Princeton University his most recent book is called euro tragedy a drama in nine acts professor thank.

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