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And then it was easy w that it was WCW which led to finally get a Dobie and had back to back Japan, but each one of those places you learn. And so when you did have some issues, like for example, w when I first went, there was hard at first. There's a lot of politics, but I know crazy. Right. But I still knew, okay. As long as I stick to my guns and just get some confidence, I'll be able to get over because they'd been over everywhere else and getting over is not. It's not a magic elixir or some kind of a formula. You just, you just know how to do it. It's it's, it's the George Plumpton factor. It's it's it with t a little George Plumpton reference. Here's one for George Plumpton when I was a kid living in Winnipeg. He was the spokesman for in television. I remember which was the console? Yes, it was. It was the, it was the kind of the Pepsi to Atari coach. It was the alternative, and it was really crazy because you know the joystick and television a little dial like a little spinach. Use it with your thumb, and it was never really easy to use. So I was always an Atari guy, but George Plumpton was. Also in the the ads in the magazines, print ads books. Books and stuff. The kids in there. Factor it with the capital IT either you got it don't thing. And. Every step of the way you kept on testing your. Yeah, and you can always see that. I mean, it's like anything else in show business. If you know even an acting, if you know how to connect with the audience, you'll always have a gig, and that's how you become a star is you can go recite the lines. I remember I went studied acting on here with the guy called Kirk bolts, who was he's? He's Marvin Nash and just watch the last night Reservoir Dogs. The Coppa gets his ear cut off. Okay. Yeah, he's a great actor and he said, listen, he said, you can learn your script and it means nothing or you can recite a Chinese menu and make people cry. It's not the words as you know, you're very Kamba. Shocker, it's the feeling and the vibe and making people taking people on a journey to make him feel something. And that's what we do in residency. Also you do with music, you do with your words, you do with your body, everything look just, Just yeah. look. Yeah. I mean, I mean, yesterday I took my daughter is all my kids to see Jurassic world share to have you seen it. I loved it. They loved it. I loved it. I liked Chris Pratt, not being a spoiler but the whole premise of the movie is that the island that they're on is imploding volcanic, it's going to get destroyed. So they basically have to save the dining and bring them on the mainland in the find Disney fashion, some get left behind on the boat. There's a couple of dinosaurs in the smoke kind of like. My girls would not stop crying, it's it's not real. It's dinosaurs, but they didn't give shit. They believe everything. Those things don't even exist if something that was rendered on a computer. That's right. Feel something. Yeah. And there's a famous wrestler, a hall of Famer, Nick Bach, winkle and my model lot of my two thousand eight character off of him suit and tie big word talking. I noticed you can see, right. It's not. It's all it was just me. But he told me years ago, I had the pleasure of medium in nineteen Ninety-two. And he said, you know, I could. I could tell people for thirty minutes at wrestling isn't real that it's a show and then I can go have a match for thirty minutes and have people call me a fucking liar at the end of it. And that's storytelling, the suspension of disbelief and it's a ballet, I mean story with your body. So it really is. And that's, like I said, that's one thing that I really. To me now, more than ever I really enjoy about about wrestling is is I don't have to ever wrestle again if I never another matchup done everything you can wrestle after this..

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