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This is your tech news briefing for for Tuesday January fourteenth. I'm Terry Yokum from the newsroom. Of The Wall Street Journal in New York. You're in you're out and sometimes you're back in. That's what happened to the CEO of the luggage luggage. Startup Away Steph Corey. The company's reversal comes just weeks. After an explosive article from the verge forced her to resign columnist John Stole will join just to explain what's going on and what this means for other tech leaders in just a minute but first let's check some headlines. Walmart has laid off dozens dozens of its managers in India. The company is restructuring its India operations as it shifts towards e commerce in the region until recently Walmart's been operating as a wholesaler in India India because of regulations that limit foreign investment. But it's begun to pivot to better compete with Amazon and other competitors in the country in two thousand. Eighteen Walmart bought flip cart. India's India's largest e commerce company and person familiar with the company's plan says that Walmart is planning to use the connections and talented acquired in that deal to move away from physical stores. It wants to invest asked more heavily in developing an online customer base and delivery technology but just hours after the layoffs India's antitrust watchdog ordered a probe into both Amazon John and flip cart. The investigation will focus on allegations. That American tech giant's promote preferred sellers of goods on their platforms shutting out smaller rivals and the winter is net flicks at least an academy award nominations. The streaming service received two dozen nominations for its lineup including for the divorce. Drama marriage. Story and the epic. Martin Scorsese movie the Irishman but nominations don't always equal awards net flicks got seventeen golden globe nominations but at the awards earlier this month only to come one trophy and old against new. Hollywood won't be the only debate at the Oscars this year. The announcement of the nominees also renewed debate about racial and gender diversity in the academy especially in high profile categories like best director and best picture since the majority of the nominees were white and or men. This briefing is sponsored by Deloitte on podcast. You hear a lot about what's possible but one thing is certain..

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