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Welcome to download our weekly look at the most interesting stories in the world technology and other stuff you care about what a week. This has been because it was a holiday week, not a lot went on, but still there were stuff there stuff. I'm your host Jason Snell and I've been doing to wonderful guest. We're going to talk about the stuff that did happen after Labor Day co host of the accidental tech podcast and analog here on really FM, and I guess he's a YouTube or no, it's Mr.. Casey on cars himself. It's Casey, Liz. Hello. Hello? How are you doing? Great. Doing great. It's I'm glad that we can put this in the parking lot backing in of course, and also one of our very favorite guests caroliina Milanesi consumer tech analyst at creative strategies is back. Hello? Hi there back. We missed you. It was. It's been, it's been weeks right, but but it's good to have you back lots of stuff going on over about to go on. And I think that's a key concept in how we picked the stories this week me. And of course, download producer Steven Hackett. Hi, Stephen, hi Jason. Where were you be next Wednesday. Gonna be watching the Apple computer that good segue to say. Next Wednesday, apple is unveiling its latest crop of phones as well as some combination of new apple watches. Maybe ipads may be max, maybe not depends on what rumors you read. Nine to five. MAC got its hands on what appear to be marketing images. Of a set of new iphone ten style phones? Gold finish, as well as an apple watch with a larger display packed into the same size body. Thanks to reduce battles around the led screen apples also expected to ship and LCD. I phone complete with a notch and face ide-, but at a lower price than this year's iphone ten and it's rumored to come in various colors, which is something that the people download headquarters approve of Stephen Hackett my nod, yes, yes, collars colors. We wanna see colors. So these big story of our time, I think right now this week in the tech world is waiting for apple and I, you guys both Casey and Carolina are both observers keen observers of apple and what it's doing, and I wanted to just check in with you about what you expect and what you're looking forward to next week caroliina. What about you? I'm going to start with. I look forward to. Yeah, there's this to spec. Okay. That's that's it. Can full may for wanting something that has never going to happen. That's good. I want I want your hopes and dreams more than your predictions. You.

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