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Nine two seven zero three good to be with you. Good to be with you. It is anything goes, right, or whatever's on your mind is on my mind, Kim porter, man. Camp porter. Forty seven years of age dies. Mother of. Sean Diddy combs children. I think she was mother of three of them. Yeah. Yeah. Very smart, very savvy. Yeah. Beautiful woman. So right now, they're not saying an official cause of death that yet to be reported officially four zero four two two seven zero three. Let's go to Dougie in college park. Dougie? Good day. Welcome. Can you hear me? I can hear you. Okay. Great. This is a critical time. In our history. Species. Homo sapiens. We've been around for two hundred thousand years, and there is the possibility. Yeah. We are approaching. In time. Of our species within the next eighty or a hundred years and hard inspiration. Is. Right now, the only generation Nikki prevent eventual catastrophe, and we really have to celebrate all the voters who went out, you know, Democrats did extremely well and take your back about three hundred eighty seats. But I hope that we can continue this momentum and continue to register voters. So that by twenty twenty we can replace what gnome Chomsky dissident intellectual known around the world. It said is the most dangerous organization on the planet. And that is the Republican party one hundred thirty one Republicans in the house and thirty eight in the Senate if basically sold their souls to the Basel fuel industry. They are completely corrupted. And the only way that we are going to be able to get rid of over twenty twenty is more this massive voter participation Rashad, there's a pew reports. It just recently came out. You don't hear on the corporate media because the corporate media received so much money from the fossil fuel industry. But there was a report it just came out a week and a half ago that that says that the ocean have been warming sixty percents fab. Than than they knew before. Another report came out that. The World Wildlife. This is from the World Wildlife Fund over sixty percents of wildlife. Have been have been destroyed since the nineteen seventy. So we're destroying ecosystems were destroying the biodiversity on the planet where destroying the animals birds reptile sixty percent of them have disappeared since the nineteen seventies. Another report from the IT C IDC. They national panel Saima change. We have twelve years to drastically reduce our emissions and by twenty forty goats zero percent carbon emissions that means we have to reduce emissions by five percent. Each year. To meet that goal. So they don't so that we don't reach the point where the world's sinks, no longer absorb carbon dioxide emitting it, and if that happens, we can go we can start having runaway global warming where we have no control of it where the ice sheets could become destabilized over time. And we'll have two hundred feet of water. From the ICU melting. We'll have over half of the world by twenty fifty covered with drought. We'll have more climate refugees more conflict in the world. Yeah. So let me ask you are you going to be at the sleep out tonight, brother? What will you brought that up is important? It's such an important ties because last year. There was seventeen million climate refugees created by climate change. And by twenty fifty it's expected they will have one hundred and fifty real right? So Dougie Dougie, sir. You can't blow me, man. I actually a direct question, brother. Are you going to be with us tonight? Well, what what ten PM? Does come there for thirty minutes on our show some support you can talk about climate change. I have to work early in the morning. I've been technology to get the address. Beg your brother. I appreciate your man you too. All right piece four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three fail. Iphone yet Fe. Good day. Welcome. How you doing great? How are you? I'm doing fine. Listen, here's my concern. Well, I'm glad I knew seeing they will make them give CNN back there press credential. Lemme that that didn't even make no sense. And if it would have been me, I would have charged to talk because she hit him. I he laid hands on him. I yeah. But anyway, about this election thing in Florida and in Georgia. Georgia has the largest legislative black caucus there is and they need to go in this session and handle this boating this voting mess, and they need to handle it. So that we never get caught up in what Brian Kemp was able to do and plot the eight years that he was in office. And the first thing they need to do as mandate. Well, first of all they are the mandate that nobody can be purged from the polls once up on the thunder rolls once they're a voter because many states do not purge and, but if they don't wanna do that they should mandate that if you purge somebody you send him a certified letter just like every other agency has to do when they get ready to take away something from you. They send you a certified letter they maintain it. Another thing I'm upset about that. I hope we can go to that one two three Ballard like they have in Maine, which is at you you vote for your number one candidate than you pick two and three and that eliminates run off because. That is how the democrat actually ended up beating the Republican who actually won on election night. But most importantly, we need to look at the situation in Florida, and the more you keep talking about what's happening in Florida, and the more you make us aware of it, the more we realize that Florida needs to revoke how you gonna tell me somebody voted by fax. You don't know where that facts came from you don't know who that person was and I guarantee you all they sent in was there absentee ballots the effects, so if they can vote the affects then why can't everybody else vote the effects and the and the fact that they disqualified all the ballots in Broward County but being two minutes late. Yes. Two minutes late. Right. Well, you know, see, here's the problem. We need to make sure we need to get more vocal and more in the street and more protesting. We don't need to let this in no matter how the. The election end. We don't need to stop this by for the right for the right to vote votes to be counted. Because I guarantee you, and you your political analyst I guarantee you there were enough votes thrown away that Nielsen could have won and Abrahams could have forced a runoff, and I am glad you reminded people that Bush won Florida which made him president by one vote in every precinct. That's correct. And that is easy to manipulate when you are controlling the controlling the the machines. So, you know, me personally, I read it. I like to vote on paper because I figure people you can't cheat with people. But anyway, my brother we have got to do something. I wish you well tonight. You know, I got bad knees. I wouldn't make a nasty Mark get I can't get down on the. Ground. Make sure you pray for Fe. We'll be allowed before you send a little donation, but I can't do anything else about coming out there. But anyway, my brother, you stay on the case, you keep them honest. And you make you make sure and if you get any problems anybody, you know, let me know 'cause me, and my bad knees will come down there with a picket sign. Thank you says bless be blessed. I appreciate your four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three that gets you in the conversation today..

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