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Last Saturday a disruptive group costs stores at water tower place to close an hour early as a precaution. Part of a neighborhood on Chicago's near north west side is getting a new name aldermen. Roberto Maldonado is taking legislative steps he says will preserve humble parks, rich, ethnic culture, while also spurring economic growth. The commercial district of division street from western avenue to grand avenue now will be known as Puerto Rico town, according to a resolution introduced in October Alterman Maldonado says he eventually wants to convert the entire stretch of street into a special purpose district. But it's unclear exactly what that would entail. Kane county's new sheriff spent Wednesday night in a cell in his own jail. But not because of anything he did wrong sheriff Ron Hain wanted to see for himself whether inmate complaints about jail conditions were valid so he lived like an inmate Hanes slept without a cellmate and wore standard issue. Underwear? Socks orange shirt pants and received a blanket and toiletries sheriff Haynes says he found nearly everything except for the noise to be comfortable this little louder than than comfort for for sleep. But you know, again, it's a jail. Hanes says he plans to spend about one night a month in the King County jail. A member of homeland security was involved in a crash yesterday morning on the southwest side. According to Chicago police, the homeland security officer was driving on the fifty seven hundred block of south Hamlin at about six fifteen. A m when another driver struck the officer's vehicle and then fled the scene. Police say the homeland security officer suffered. Shoulder pain and was transported to a local hospital. Police say the offending driver later was arrested after driving into another vehicle. Indiana's top politician wants hate crimes legislation for his state Republican governor Eric Holcomb yesterday told reporters that he was hopeful a Bill would pass after conservatives blocked similar proposals in recent years. Indiana is one of just five states without loss specifically against hate crimes fueled by biases regarding traits such as race, religion and sexual orientation coming up, Bloomberg business. WBZ news time to twenty three. That was sort of the problem when I was younger to cigarettes three cigarettes. It was an avid my mom. She was always needed to something needed to get rid of them..

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