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Sara keane's work on site meal out of pain on the wall canvasses involved other things it's where she really she like she nailsea sings just gets in it improvisational that's where we have something in common her and i we like to work improvisational see what happens to exciting so that's what i was saying no she's doing that so i'm a i'm free to stay out late and work all night at the comedy five shows last night and i want to see buffalo tom for about half of their set jan of its was here and he invited me down so i went down there said hide of the fellas at terror grand ballroom and now watch about half of the sat and it was good it was good it was good to see him hims good to see via a sold guys out doing the work did i mentioned that i played some i played out in public i didn't promote it because because i didn't want to folks so yeah last week may i uncommon around i'm coming around last week jimmy vino from the conan o'brien show texted me and said do do i want to come in and sit in at al's barring grill i think it's called in burbank and do uh do a couple of tunes with him in the fellas not the koehnen bambadji just a combo to jimmy drummer bass player in a guy on the keys and i was like he said i think you're ready take jimmy vedeno the guy's been teaching me lixin let me plays guitars in the dressing room for decades he said i think you're ready and i'm like all right man all right what are we playing and he told me.

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