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Monday that McDonald's in junction city disputed the allegations made by the officer who said he received that cop with the expletive on it as he stopped on his way to work a Las Vegas police say they've implemented almost all of their self identified upgrade stemming from a review of officers responses to the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history course that comes up more than two years after it happened Clark County sheriff Joe Lombardo said in a statement Monday the agencies enacted eighty four of ninety three recommendations on the eve of a fireworks extravaganza that's expected to draw more than three thousand people to the strip Lombardo called the self critique an after action review that's shaped preparation and training for future mass casualty incidents wildfires burning across Australia is two most populous states of trapped residents of a seaside town in an apocalyptic condition of course those places have destroyed properties and caused at least two fatalities about four thousand people fled to the waterfront of the southeastern town is winds pushed an emergency level blaze toward their homes at the town of Malibu to wish routed darkness from the smoke before turning an unnerving shade of bright red the state's leader there the plan said to evacuate plans to evacuate involved the C. there to people were dead and five missing in Victoria also in New South Wales state so that comes after a volunteer firefighter died Monday another volunteer firefighter there had is home burned and said there was nothing he could do he just had to move on and keep battling fire and try to save other homes they are going through it there was a small brown endangered bat would become the official state ma'am all of America is that capital city under a proposed ordinance that will get a public hearing in January a district of Columbia council statements as the idea was proposed earlier this year by several girl scout troops after they studied the little brown baths citing the legislation WTOP FM reports the bats are found in the Chesapeake Bay watershed says there're population has been severely reduced in recent years by an invasive fungal disease all right a federal appeals court in San Francisco has refused to reinstate a lawsuit by a woman in Santa Rosa California that woman claimed the makers of Dr pepper diet doctor pepper which makes Dr pepper she claims they committed fraud and deceptive advertising by implying diet doctor pepper would help her with weight loss no a panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals said Monday that the dictionary definition of diet when used for a product simply means it has fewer calories than the regular version and most consumers under stand that the court's ruling said no reasonable consumer would assume Dr peppers use of the word diet promises a weight loss or management yeah you're not going on the diet doctor pepper diet and if your new year's resolution is to lose weight intermittent fasting or limiting the number of hours one spends eating is a growing trend that may have health benefits and aid in weight loss according to a review in the New England journal of medicine suggests that intermittent fasting can reduce blood pressure and improved longevity Dr Eric refuse and is with the Pennington biomedical research center you you don't pay attention to the calories but you pay attention to the clock in the clock you concentrate told you eating let's say over six hours or eight hours just remember the average American.

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