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Literally live up the street. Danny masters dmz. He's the male or an alpha male or beta male alpha and he graduated from roseman university in two thousand sixteen and that lovely lady next to him is amber masters and she's a j. d. That is a you've got to be an alpha male dentist to marry a lawyer so my god. You're you got more guts than i did. Daniel masters is the owner of greenfield family dentistry in gilbert arizona and he's also a fantastic ukulele player which might two oldest sisters went straight into the nunnery after high school and the oldest one. Mary kay who's like two years older may spin on for longer than i've been a dentist. She's the best ukulele player in the world so she ever comes on my house as you next time she visits me. I'm taking her up the street at gilbert ville. And i'm telling homey dentist that might be able to look her a thing or two on the ukulele. Dr daniel masters is the owner greenfield family dentistry. Gilbert and player amber brown masters. Jd has an attorney and personal finance expert. The masters graduated from dental and law school with a whopping six hundred and fifty thousand dollars in student. Loan debt. That's two thirds of a million dollars together. They paid off over three hundred and fifty thousand kids selling off kids to the orphanage or the adoption agency or we keep it on the down. They paid off three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the last three and a half years using principles. They've recently incorporated into a free debt. Payoff app called payback. Which is why. I had them on the so. I asked him to come on the show. And not the other way around when they are practicing dentistry or law They're chasing around their ten month old twins and a six year old son. They enjoy road biking mountain biking boating and traveling The reason i brought you on the show is because you know well very well that there is a dental school up the street from you Called at still and those kids come out of school and they're basically four hundred thousand dollars net now. The big association say the average student loan indebtedness is on two hundred seventy nine thousand. And that's what. I call intentionally lying with statistics because they know full well. Twenty percent of those kids are like like their dad was a dentist. I mean when i went to dental school yoon. Kc all the dads were dentists. They picked up the dental school bill. You didn't you didn't have any tuition of your dad was a dentist you had tuition of your dad was a plumber. But but the way. I see this is a little different. I mean i you know i mean when you get outta school four hundred thousand dollars student loans. My divorce was three point. Eight million and my student loans was eighty seven thousand. So if you take. I know i don't know if you noticed when you're doing on your iphone when the numbers get too big if you turn on the side it goes into scientific mode and i have to scientific like upfront. It will only go like when. I put a three million thousand..

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