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Mci it's called what is it seizing the memes of means of production these names it's called seizing the means of production that's yeah is drinking milk if you drink free milk that's yeah you're destroying capitalist used to work at the mci center win the win the capital one arena these the way we i sent her now the variety center would now it's the capital one that's the capital ones what's in your wallet i was like an employee at a concession stand one summer it was like some weird like fundraiser shit when i was in high school like for my little brothers a u basketball team yeah and they let us work the concession stand and then we get like you know cut of the profits and that she was nuts it's like what would you do walk out with bags of chicken tenders you know like what like trat like the last day yeah they they make too much stuff you know and then they just throw it all away see just take him bags is straight up walked out with a trash bag of chicken tenders hooked her uncooked cooked it's worse i know how we're talking about we're talking about leafs eight days of tenders like hanukkah level tenders that stayed good got finish them all they didn't finish them off don't worry i didn't end up with some sort of like stomach worm fra stadium tenders but i got close dangerous actually my favorite this is i do love talking like scumbag food moves this is something andy has done also like there's this one pizza spot in new haven like called frank peppis khokar epic controversial now you know like have a pizza place with pepe in the name the opposite green punks but yeah yeah yeah which i have been to come and ping pong we can also talk about that but frank pepe is i would just get an entire pizza night before do my show in hamden.

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