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And he had really high clearance on stuff he was involved in a lot of different things and he pulled out pictures and started showing them to us i have a crash spacecraft name and pictures of a dead daily an and then one that was alive in a big glass room in a secret base i'm gonna say sixty seven or 68 that's extraordinary that is extraordinary because in sixty seven and sixty eight the truth of the matter is if you started babbling about crash flying saucers and body recovery people would just shut you down yeah because i may they didn't and things didn't really take off in that area until 1980 we asked a community brice his next film okay i cut you off regalia sorry of other huttush what was pretty hot button what will now go for what we saw on the phone mcdonald uncle played that it was all railway later when myongchol pound away with on on our of his staff air force was at me as house how can we skating all levels pictures and videos and hour proof that he had of alien i knew nate nate made my ansett outside and they check everything well so that's yeah the pictures are gone everything they are force how some of virginia i just wanna this is a g this sounds like a really good case uh where this was your foods as your father's of what she said it was my father's rather fathers runcie your your uncle he left him at water cow need and we fought you know he had told that he had seen many different crap from staff when he was flying for the air force and cake and pictures and stuff and then the heat shock i said he showed us this whole thing of the crash spacecraft in a dead aliens you do you recall once unlike in these photos um it worked like a graze you hear about all the time with the bigger had in the long arm of and like you know the white house uh uh dan uh he he showed seen uh um area we have to i don't know if she's a fung recordings i'm sure they didn't have video back then but he showed us this movie how to and it was moving in this room and it was it was.

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