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Sports at 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and technology forward. Juan Soto Ed quite the night in his first game as a visitor in Washington. Swinging a fly ball to straight away center in deep this ball's crushed. And it's long gone. Home run number 9 for Soto. Absolutely destroys it. Dave chagla with the gall on 1500 a.m. that 441 footer was the highlight of the padre 7 four win over the nationals in which Soto went three for four at the plate getting two of those hits against former padre Mackenzie gore who pitched a shaky four and two third innings for Dave Martinez. I mean, is that the first time? You know, even though he's planning his former team, we've seen it happen, so we just got to get himself down and like I said, get him in the strike zone. Another piece of the Soto trade CJ Abrams homework for the Nats in defeat, the mystics lost another close one with the Connecticut sun 88 81. This time at home, despite a 27 point night from Elena delle donne, that marked her highest scoring output since the 2019 championship season. Frustrating coach Eric Tebow. It feels about like the other day when Kira got her career high and we didn't win. We asked a lot of her today probably more than we should have to. We've got to find ways for her to attack people besides having her back to the basket because it does take a toll. The Celtics beat the heat to force a game 5 in Boston and avoid the NBA's first ever sweep of both Conference Finals series rob Woodford sports. His WTO news. WTO pfm Washington, WWW and assets WTO PFM Braddock heights Frederick.

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