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Joining us right now. Alderman Ray Lopez from Chicago 15th Ward in Chicago. There is news today. The Alderman's house has been vandalized a brick thrown into the house and also Ah, fire set near your garage. Alderman. Let's Start with the brick. Where did the bridge go? And was your family ever in danger? Well, good evening row. We had actually four bricks thrown at my house. We Ah, gentleman who literally was casing block casing my house. I walked right up to my front door and started throwing the bricks in from there and made three more attempts, and only one of them was successful. Um, obviously my entire family was home. Our pets were home, but thankfully, no one was injured. And then an hour after this transpired, Uh, we believe the same individual with a friend showed up thinking that they were going to torch my garage but actually ended up damaging my neighbor's garage. Unfortunately, What time did this happen with him today? Um, The bricks started flying at about 1 15 in the morning, and the fire started at about to 10 in the morning. And do you have video of this? You have security cameras. We have security cameras were Excuse me. We're able to capture of the frontal attack on the house with the bricks. From two different angles. Unfortunately, we could not see anybody in our alley because of the way our cameras are positioned, But we did manage to catch the giant fireball that erupted because of the amount of Gasoline or whatever accelerant they used on my neighbour's garage. We are happy to know that a number of my neighbors also have camera that I'm sure that they will be helpful. A CZ well, right and there's a whole city system, too. Of this. Police are investigating him assuming, right? Yeah. The police did a wonderful job showing up. Ah, the detectives units were there last night and again today and the gang investigation unit. Also is on hand, putting their expertise to identify whomever may be responsible. Okay, So you have a theory on this. So you say you think this is gang retaliation? I am 100% confident this is gang retaliation. We have been stepping up our efforts in recent weeks trying to address the violence in my community as we've seen violence escalate throughout the entire city. One of the main tenets of our strategy is to go after those enabling landlords, those slum lords or ah, absentee landlord that rent indiscriminately to gangbangers and hold them accountable for the actions of their tenants, particularly when they terrorized the community. Earlier that day, I was AH block where we had gotten cause of How about a gang house, where a 16 year old juvenile recently released because of coded was back on the block and running the gun and shooting at people. We get too weak, So we had already made contact or working with three owners to address the situation And while I was on the block Our accounting to continue the dialogue for other households of gang members came out trying to intimidate and harass me while I was there, making it known and bill uncertain terms that they were the ones who decide whether or not there's peace in the neighborhood, not someone like myself, so I know it's not coincidental that the same day we had that altercation. All of this madness ensued. Yeah, And so you guys were all at home. And you heard this developing is that you heard the bricks being thrown at your house. And did you go to what did you do? I just want to get a little sense of the A moment here for you and your family. So did you then go downstairs. What happened? It all happened so quick quickly at that point, like been under 30 seconds. The bricks were flying at at my house on at first, the first brick Um, which was right from the front door. My mother and I actually thought perhaps maybe one of the dogs knocked something over. You know, I don't wear big dog family. I'm sick dogs not uncommon for a dog to get up and, you know, do something, Yes. But then it was in the next breaking through the window and subsequent others hit the house. Became obvious that something else was going on. She was able to see the individual fleeing, but you know, police were immediately called, and they were unseen relatively quickly, while we're trying to figure out The Who, what wears an actual thing, the clamors to see what we could think of. Got it. Yeah. Ah, and you hold on one second, because I want to continue on with this about what's what is happening in your neighborhood. What is happening in the places that you are trying to get Some sort of stability and pacify and what help you need to do that? I want to talk to you about that if you got a few more minutes for me. Anything for you wrote. Thank you. Frigid women. Ray Lopez is with us. We'll come right back and take your phone calls 2312 91 7200. But first, here's Lauren, aka roads and the skies, which is getting worse. Yeah, it's starting to get cloudier. And yet.

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