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Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven Tiki and Tierney show just a program heads up tomorrow, Sean Payton, head coach of the saints at three forty eastern twelve forty Pacific. That'll be tomorrow. That's going to be awesome. Yeah. Well, he's always great. And they're going to be good again. They're going to be really good that divisions. Tough, man. I don't know. I was looking at my overrun there's and maybe I'll drop some of this at the back end of our season prediction, not for win totals. Yeah. Pat, tell you what there's a couple out there. You can make some real money. I know that everybody says that every year, I know I know that I won't get them. All right. But there's a couple that are glaringly Ned in terms of the way they've been set, at least the way I see it. I think this was scratched to be made. It's gotta have the stones hit. And thoroughly Cleveland's one bears might be one. Now, I've been singing their summer guide. He was like what are you talking about? That's right. That's right. You're supposed to be the whole vibe. You remember that? That was funny. Let's see the poll question so far it's about Mike Tomlin little more shade from Terry Bradshaw. And basically without reading the whole thing, we ask you where you would rank Mike monks. His peers in the NFL right now top five six through ten eleven through fifteen or sixteen or lower last time. We checked we were mid forty percent between six and ten. I would vote either top five or see the problem with six to ten if I vote six to ten it's a lot closer to six thousand ten. Yep. And. If I vote top five it's a lot closer to five than one. So I might vote six to ten but still doesn't offset the the the bigger in which we defend them. It's one to five one to five he's not one Bella check, Sean Payton. Yup. As locks. That's it. That's it. That's it. Mike Tomlin, coach better. Mike Tomlin who are ball Peterson. I can't say horrible, Carol. Mccarthy I'm looking at the list here. Jon gruden. I've put Pete Carroll. They're still I would personally put P three now. Pete ran a good thing for a long time. Did Pete's top five got a remade remade defense. See if he can do it with some sketching us on that side of the ball. I dunno. But they still have Russell Russell's just better and better every single year though, man writer for inbounds out about let's get it. Let's go. Anything can happen in sports and often.

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