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Because he. Always said you know Money but you got time. You, make, decisions. Based on the future, yeah right Which was very liberating because you. Sit, back For the program you believe percent That's, why the, second contract and we're, you know alone into. The snake Lynn Jessop was phenomenal UNLV fans like to, hear that today Some Some. Don't I. Did I thought that would to, me that was the funniest part of the entire websites fake Britney. Spears the second funny is part of the whole media day was Tony Sanchez saying the president that is no longer the president that kind of got forced out slash was looking for a way out was, phenomenal but on his voice phenomena because he, said I could just take my time Extended my contract I was gonna say as a coach that's the greatest thing to hear from your president is don't make decisions about right now, you're going to be here like that's the, greatest thing to hear isn't it Like you're not like basically telling Tony Sanchez you don't. Have to fix this in two years you're going to be here. For, five or six. At least so you have five or, six years right I mean there's a coach that's gotta be the greatest thing you've ever. Heard it's a nice nice to have that card in your back. Pocket yeah Lynn Jessop scam. Though Tony Sanchez is going into your four hasn't been to a. Bogus We've, talked, about new, president, coming in how does how much does that president care about athletics I don't think that's been addressed how how scary is it if you're Tony Sanchez that a new president's gonna come. In and and probably after this football season that a new president is going, gonna, come in it's going to. Be his fifth year and that new president might be like well you've been here five years you, haven't done much in that president starts putting pressure on, desert, Reid Francois to fix things, now rather than you've got, five years to fix it like yeah I don't know. To, me that's if you're Tony Sanchez that's not a great feeling to have at the moment well but I think it's a concern that you want to, address when it gets to the point that we're looking to have a new president come in whether, it's the acting president that's going to continue on or It'll be a new New. President coming. In you you're gonna you're gonna wanna know How important is athletics citizen president will yeah because the other option is they could. Not care. About it at all Yeah and then you're? Like, old boy and then you get no funding from anything it's like athletics We graduate people here we don't play sports don't care. About that so We'll see I think the president higher is a I don't know how much to. Actually pay attention to, it because I don't know very much about anybody there would possibly higher but it's it's going, to be, an important, thing as far, as the athletic department hazard Francois Tony Sanchez Marvin Menzies because well? In are they going. To continue the journey. To the power five. Journey Yeah that is the other thing is you got, to president, here that, doesn't care that, much about athletics has power fire yeah we're not even talking to That's a bummer He fans. Would be depressed Hey we're done we're. Just Golden. Knights fans now all right last thing from Tony Sanchez here he was asked about pressure in the market with pro sports starting, to take over the city and I'm playing this because it's the. Closest form. Of trash talking we can't we didn't really, get very much trash talk but this is the closest. Form we, got competitive market you know you gotta go out there and got to create something that. People want to invest it you know I still think we're good ticket and affordable. Ticket down Definitely not That's it that's as much trash talking as the gotta media day to too timid is the entire mountain west as far as their trash talking because that was at Tony Sanchez, just, saying yeah we're cheaper than the, Golden Knights which is obvious everybody. Does that And..

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