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And then. I made the same comment when we had just an on and his response was just wait until you see omega doom. Has you covered. Li literally omega tomb is it's yo jimbo with two gangs of cyborgs. At a cyborg in the middle we're cyborgs to pune standard. I think they're android most all of them but this is this is androids and cyborgs. Those that's the warring factions. I believe yeah at least pune pune leg tries to watch it away like cadaver parts and like well. I guess that's gray area. I don't know what you'd call it. I just want to jump back just very previously and just mentioned that it is weird to me and typical of the chaos of all of this. That night's funes part of his own. Cyborg trophy she points towards a slight board city and then the official cyborg three the recycler which he had nothing to do with hasselbald Which is correct. And it's the same with cyborg to where the end of of pune cyborg cut slinger points to a tech overthrow of this unruly wasteland is then somewhat depicted in cyborg to in a way that this is certainly not depicted in nights very strange at all these things you can i guess for her ferber connection in cyborg to glass shadow. The non pune film. There is an explosive injected into the character body which is a plot. Point albert putin's nemesis. So i don't know stealing from hugh at this. Point is just absolute just all over the place and cinema is ongoing conversations man. It's just movies speaking to movies bringing other. Yeah meta textual stuff but getting back to a mega do i. I kinda like this movie. And again i kind of like the first all. I think it's worth mentioning you know since we're doing this in the context of the official cyborg trilogy in the albert pune cyber troje all of the pune films i think are better than the official films person agreed an an omega..

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