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CBS. This is Matt Bigler how a state lawmaker hopes to turn Uber and lift drivers into employees instead of just independent contractors CDS first for traffic sponsored by Togo's. Big trouble in San Jose on two eighty. Here's Kim ES. They have confirmed that this accident involving a pedestrian is in fact, a Taliban, and we have multiple lanes closed. Let's go to Dave FOX. He is taking a look right now. KCBS inside of you. What do you got Dave really slow traffic right now? Southbound two eighty at mcglaughlin box wreck reportedly has hit this. Pedestrian, and of course, it has resulted in a death investigation will go on for quite some time. The three left lanes are blocked just the two right lanes available. Traffic already stacked up to eighty seven maybe a lane blocked northbound things backed up through the one on one interchange. If you happen to see whether lanes are blocked on the northbound side feel free to call the KCBS phone force at four one five three nine one KCBS that's three nine one five. Two. Two seven. Meantime chill. Not a body collision. Cam sees an injury accident blocking the slow lane. This is feeding right into that very slow traffic through Fremont, south eight eighty right before Maori. So the slow lane blocked is a transit bus and another vehicle and traffic has been very slow from union city, anyway, all the way down to this area. So we're also looking at a new problem coming in for San Francisco, northbound two eighty at Alumini, I report of an accident here and then Petaluma chimes in with a crash just clearing this from the second from left lane. This is south one zero one just before you get to peddle Luma bullet. Are north suddenly very busy late here in the commute. Your next update is at nine eighteen on the traffic leader KCBS. Let's go the day of unsettled weather, a scattered shower not out of the question through the afternoon hours might even see a lingering shower into the evening hours, clearing out overnight and a high pressure ridge begins to build in providing at least three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of dry and warming, weather, traffic and.

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