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Will was the last jon preston kellogg sons and seemingly seemingly the least impressive the family never saw much potential in this quiet and sullen boy. His father thought so little of him that he discouraged his wife from teaching will to read luckily for will his mother ignored her husband and send him to school but we'll struggled. It's spring of eighteen eighteen sixty seven and seven year old will sit to the school desk will reduce the class. What's on the blackboard will squinted the blackboard the other children giggle. Can you read young man. Be besser then read the class. What is on the blackboard will squint. It's harder but all he sees are smear blurs white chalk. His nearsightedness won't be diagnosed until he's an adult cancer can't or won't or you simply stupid will doesn't answer. It's hard to believe that you're from the same family as your older brother john. He was one the finest students we've ever had george. How about you read out what will could not abraham. Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the united. It states life at home isn't much better than school for will and that's because of john. It's eighteen sixty nine seventeen year old. John sneaks into the family kitchen. He stops at the kitchen sink. His nose is bleeding nine year old will rushes in after him john glares. It's younger brother. It's all your fault. That's not true you tripped. We'll see mother believes. You're going to get a beating. Please please don't just then their mother walks in. She immediately spots the blood running from johns knows. Oh my what happened to you john. What will did you do do this. John suppresses a smile. Yes it was will. He pushed me causing me to fall that is ally. Will your father and i cannot abide your the inability to control your emotions but mother. He's lying enough. John get the bandages all cleanup will i will have your father punish you when any returns home which his struggles at school his parents to stain and john's bullying will's childhood was miserable. Uh at the age of eleven is father removes them from school and put them to work full-time in the families broom factory. Despite his father's low opinion of his sullen island son will proves hard and reliable worker. He advances fast age twelve. He supervising other children employees in the factory tree by fourteen. He's hawking brooms door to door around michigan age sixteen. He's in the nearby city of kalamazoo helping his older half brother start a new broom factor after proving himself there will is asked to go to dallas to help right struggling broom factory run by fellow seventh day adventists purpose tired of the grind of battle creek and feeling under appreciated. We'll accepts. He thinks a change of scenery would improve his mood but he he finds his life in texas. Lonely homesick will focus on the work and turns it around quickly. The successful writing of the dallas broom factory delights the whites come to visit soon after february eighteen seventy nine and ellen white is preaching preaching from electron at a packed church hall in dallas among those sitting in the pews is will wearing his best suit brothers and sisters. I praise the lord for the spirit among us enclosing. I wanna give special. Thank you to will kellogg and the work. He has done in the king broom factor actor. We are so grateful. Sermon over work work excellent excellent. Well you must know will kellogg ben. We're quite proud of the kellogg boys especially. John runs a battle creek sanitarium. It's been so nice nice to talk to. You got less you and thank you for coming as she moves to. The next person in line will stands alone stunned. It's the story three of wills life. He's always been other kellogg brother. The forgettable younger brother of the ever acclaimed john will returns turns to battle creek in late eighteen seventy nine and resumes work at the family's broom business. It's the last place he wants to be but he can't think of what else to do do but the following year proves to be life changing i will enrolls in a ninety day business school course that grounds him in the basics of running a business and keeping accounts he meets and marries ella osborne davis he also visits an eye doctor for the first time and discovers that he's nearsighted armed with a business degree a new wife and his first a pair of glasses. We'll feels he's outgrowing the broom business yet. Eddie still feels like he has no other options until that is he receives the most surprising offer an invitation from his brother john on to join him at the sand seeing a chance to escape the broom business will says yes but he's soon going to discover that life is john's john's lackey. 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Lending products are subject to credit and property approval rates program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Not all products are available in all states or for all amounts other restrictions and limitations dacians apply homeland in products offered j. p. morgan chase bank in a an equal housing lender. It's august eighteen eighteen eighty five john harvey kellogg is writing a high wheeler bicycle through the fourteen acre grounds of the battle creek sanitarium these days his john looks very different to the fresh face dr who took charge of the san eight years earlier. He's now thirty two sports a bushy moustache beard. He's also taken to wearing all white suits that help them notice even the slightest trace of dirt and feed into his image said dr distinction as he cycles past doctors and orderlies and the group of patients exercising on the lawn his twenty five year old brother will is running behind him will is plump balding and panting as he follows john on his bicycle. He scribbles john's latest orders into a notebook. John seems seems oblivious to his brother's struggle to keep up. I've decided to write a new book about ballot movements and i have the first chapter in my head chapter one. The importance of being regular will are you. Are you getting this. Yes <hes> but i i thought we were going to talk about the the contracts for the gym equipment. I never said dan. I have a note from yesterday saying you wanted to discuss it today. Well i can assure you that you're wrong as you often are. You were always a little slow little brother. At any rate. I could hardly be interested in that. Subject to the next item on your agenda is our work on the proud to be the breakfast week my work will it's all my work. This whole place is mine. You were just an employee. Remember that die mud jacket. John stops his bicycle cool and gets off you walk quickly into the main building and ducks into a side room where he takes off his jacket and shoes and hands them to will take these back to my my office and get me another of my suits and shine my shoes to we'll continue this conversation. When you return. I have a meeting in twenty minutes with the printing press manufacturer. We're updating the presses to print our magazines and books faster. I don't care if you're meeting the pope. John strips office pants to take these as as well make sure the suit is pressed. We'll takes the close an exits without a word. It's been like this ever since will accept john's offer to join him. At the sand five years ago he works one hundred and twenty hours a week and earns just thirteen dollars earned more as a sixteen eighteen year old broom salesman but we'll seems resigned to spending his life as his brother's poorly paid and put upon lackey yet will is critical to who was brothers sanitarium whenever there's a problem will get fixed john's come to depend on him and council including the food products emerging from the sands kitchen since realizing the potential for ready to eat cereal as a student in new york. John's been trying to create such a meal for his patients. His first attempt was granola. Crumbs of twice baked wheat bread that was hard as a brick even after being soaked in milk overnight john believes granular the aids digestion because the cooking process turns wheat starch into sugar saving the body the trouble of doing it itself. He thinks it is akin to a semi my digested meal but another health clinic in upstate new york had already been making a very similar product also called granular so when the new york resort threatened to sue john renamed his breakfast cereal for nola naturally the task of making a business out of granola felt too will initially cells packets of sanitarium foods granola at a small store within the sand then forms a mail order business so former patients can keep buying and eating granola <hes> after their stay at the sand is over play eighteen eighty nine we'll manufacturing shipping and selling to tons of granola every week but he feels there's still more potential in the sand ground up wheat bread one.

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