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Let's talk catty the question have you ever seen the number three team in the country? A two touchdown underdog at home. True story. Nixon was asked to be would kick a receive. And he said he hopes to kick ass. Woody what would LSU tomorrow to pull off the upset on Alabama? And if they do if they do what would it mean for college football? It'd be great because football they'd also jumped Clemson would be number one in the next poll and in in the national championship situation. But I think that in order to win you gotta take advantage of a Saturday night in Baton Rouge, anybody that's ever been with. No that that crowd with tiger cage. You don't wanna get anything close to either one of those? And Secondly, here's the got it survive the first half because they're going to miss their best defensive player white who was suspended for targeted. That's yet. Another stacked up again, they've got two first round draft picks in the secondary a, greedy and grant. And it's those guys can get interception our turnover, and and keep it close because I know this is not gonna make sense. But in the fourth quarter, Alabama being outscored this year. I know it's against four three players. In the fourth quarter as to even played in the fourth quarter. So when you're up sixty points, that's some place. You're never in this show. What he page. Maybe take you off the pedal. We'll bit sarahspain how about you. Yeah. Anybody says saying that is ignoring the fact that they're so far ahead in the fourth that they don't need to put their best players. And that's why they're being outscored more importantly what they need to do on offense is be patient with their run. Let the clock run down to keep their defense fresh and keep the ball out of his hands as much as possible. The one defensive issue of bama's been having been with past place to running back. So they need to push that and keep keep the clock running defensively. They're secondary is so good. They don't put a lot of pressure on teams. But they need to put pressure on to us. So they need to take some chances defensively actually press on that front frontline Kaby Alabama. Nick Sabin has played their games in death valley of all been pretty close. So to me that means what you need to do. In order to win is to create some turnovers. You gotta hope that that death valley crowd rattles tool a little bit. Maybe get a pick. Maybe you can. Flip the field. Maybe you can get a fumble recovery or something like that you need some sort of momentum. But the reason that is such a big discrepancy in this point differential from the odds makers because that's how good this Alabama team is unbelievable talent and the town. But it sounds like you're saying the games at LSU have always been close in this robbery. And maybe if you were putting something on this game would be leaning towards LSU pick. That not that brave. So how about you? How about you heaven you wouldn't take LSU in two touchdowns? I'll take LSU to win outright in this game. The waiting for somebody who won the race go round. They eighty four the last night seven games down there. They play tremendously at home to Alabama's only faced one defense in the top forty this year LSU is ranked seventh offensively I love, greedy Williams against two. And I love Joe borough in this situation and all the Alabama is has a little bit of we against the run. You can run against them. LSU run the ball control the clock off the field. Coach wins game. Go tigers. Okay. Clash she convince anybody hear what he paid sarahspain. No, no. I would just tell you savings been there five times. He's won four those games. But none of the hill have been over the over ten points. So. Kevin Kevin's hip to that. But it's okay. All right. Sarah. You're an absolute no, no else you in this game for you. They're not winning. All right. We'll move on NFL games in the week or two of them. Are just incredible Packers patriots. We'll talk about that one by herself..

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