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It was going around that I was working on this. Well, members of Lincoln Project found out and we're warning John Weaver. So on August 21st, I believe John Weaver had a quote unquote heart attack. And went missing from he was, you know, Hey, said he was at the hospital. I called the house in the area at the time. No one had a record of him being in the hospital, And within that week, every one of the young man who said they would come over to go on the record says I can't do it anywhere. They were too afraid. I don't know what happened, and I still never got a response really from them after that happened, by the way, I mean in additional lawyers, I mean, these are a bunch of guys who also do damage control as part of their living. Right there. Very powerful Men make no mistake of it. These are very, very powerful men with a lot of media connections who could build someone up and tear someone down? I get why and hundreds of thousands or millions of sycophantic Twitter followers who would defend them off a cliff, right? Because they because they hate trump like the Lincoln projects raised on veterans. They believe that these people are good, right. So by January I the story. I had someone sources, but no one would be Go on the record, literally. No. One it was. I want to scream. It was so it was awful. So one night, Steve Schmidt. I believe it was tweeted that they were keep record everyone who ever worked in the Trump administration. Well, you know, that's a lot of 20 year olds were trying to make a life for themselves. And there's always people trying to actually do something for themselves and and build a career. And these airmen who worked for George W. Bush and defended his war in Iraq and defended all the wars and John McCain wanted advocate for these are You know, these are people who want a policy thing. Some disagreement from me but didn't sit there and say, Let me ruin your life. So I tweeted on January 10th. I tweeted. Maybe I should be talking about the Met. Finally member of Lincoln Project. You wanted to exchange jobs for sex. His wife would probably want to know. So I tweeted that without being able to actually say it was John Weaver because I couldn't have a source on record and thank God I tweeted that and one young man who was a liberal came forward in tow. I'll say because of having me it was John Weaver and the man that she came forward. I could let everything that was in on background and officer and off the record, But not that was have a second name. With all the tweets and all the text messages, all the DMZ I happen, John. We are for all these young men. I could let them all out. Right. Let's right. Let's hold it there and find out Okay. When you could let it all out, then what happened? We gotta take a break. Ryan or dusky host attack Right now. Author of They're not listening how the elites created the National populist Revolution..

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