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Modern things might be modern my eating out I could lose fifty pounds but I'm not Katie estate of anger caused by lack of food pretty much how I live my life you know like in that state Jason good man take the male birth control pill if it didn't lowered my wants a second time and that's what I live for and seven five TCL get mornings with number one sixty all right eighties pop where is the way the game works by pop culture question sixty seconds on the clock the more I think Katie you do win one hundred dollars on the year Katie has played one hundred and twenty one times she is one hundred twenty times a got all the questions right twenty five of those times all right makes a man who's taken on Katie today today dear we have a Katie versus Katie match up I like it or not Katie a single mother of a five year old wonderful son awesome all right by the way K. R. O. Katie is out the studios are sound proof booth listener Katie dearly questions about the game I do not all right Katie listener Katie your sixty second starts right now mobile choice which SNL writer is merry to Scarlett Johannson is that set Myers John Laney or college shows following yes the Jonas brothers a terrace with both written after the songs cool and style who is the actor all right you are false on South Park Cartman his first name is Eric true yes whatever happened to predictability the milkman the paperboy evening TV yeah all right thing there no it about going to skip those brothers enters with both men to an actor in our songs cool and style who's the actor all right what TV show theme song starts off with whatever happened to predictability our time is up you.

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