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Just three of thirteen on third downs. Here. The highlight of the game for me was the northwestern. Strength. Coach continues continues to get me fantasy points or. No, it was you actually took the screw loose. Yeah. The strength coach for northwestern is up there where in the short sleeve polo in twenty six degree weather, an extra medium polo. I might add XL fourteen to ten din Thai. Will you indulge me real quick? If you watched if I can't imagine anybody beyond Iowa and northwestern fans, you know, had their their eyes glued to this game until the very end. But. If you watch this first half, you know, what I'm about to do if you didn't watch the first half. You also probably know what to do. Because can I walk you through something tie? I would I would love for you to walk me through something. Then okay. Well, what happens hold on? What is that? You know, what it is? I know what it is. That's way too much energy for northwestern Iowa. Hold on this was safari playing music when it should have just been. There. It is. Puns punts downs pawns punt pawns, puns, puns, ponds punts. Hey field goal and of. It's pretty good. Right. That was going over to beakers that was only the first. Listen college football's about officiency, and they really. At least second half gave us a couple touchdowns. I don't know what I was going to do about their offense. And I understand it's I think it's Brian farance weaking of evergreen. Good lure. Yeah. I here's the thing. Every year there are different players on this Iowa offense that step up and establish themselves. This year, it really has been no offend TJ Hopkinson and MCI sergeant this these past few weeks, I think has been a playmaker. But when are we going to say, listen? Maybe we go with an outside firm to run this offense set of doing everything internally Eric prince have football product, we could look into Iowa should score thirty points a game they develop quarterbacks they put NFL linemen they develop NFL, I'm in on offense. They develop really good defense is more often than not ten points at home against northwestern. Excuse me, big ten west champ. Northwestern is unacceptable. But on the flip side northwestern is America's grower. Right. They I mean to put up just another atrocious September and then win the west, you know, find you know, is Ahah bowser and that's their offense right now that catch was incredible. But they they wrote Isaiah browser and good for good for western a really cool story. I just win win. Two more games every September. Northwestern come on. Unbelievable. Fourteen to ten fourteen to ten your final score here north western they're going to that big ten championship game quickly. Elsewhere in the world of the big ten Minnesota, forty one. Yes. Purdy ten. It was a cold. It was a snowy day in Minnesota. And the gophers defensively have been a bit of a nightmare. They were averaging five oh seven per game and total yardage going into this one..

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