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Expected to come ashore sometime tomorrow. Remnants of the storm would then bring 1 to 2 inches of rain into the tristate late Saturday. Into Sunday. Crews continue to work this morning repairing a gas line that ruptured yesterday, sparking a huge fire in Montgomery Construction accident happened where the city is building a new $7.5 million roundabout that will eventually improved. Traffic flow into the downtown gas line was punctured by a construction vehicle while then striking a power line, creating a large gas fire. The cruise had to fight for hours Wednesday afternoon. As thick black smoke filled the air. It happened along Montgomery Road just after 2 30 at the accident entrance ramp to Ronald Reagan Highway and Interstate 71. Duke Energy said they isolated the gas line, which allowed the remaining gas to burn off fire crews battling the blaze, getting it under control. Almost four hours later, Three people were hospitalized with minor injuries, and there have been reports of damage construction equipment. I'm Sean Gallagher news radio 700 wlw Tis a police investigating a pair of deadly shootings 50 37 year old brandy Farland got down on Harrison Avenue in Westwood just before midnight, and there was another deadly shooting A Mount Auburn Earlier in the evening, 38 year old Darcy Bennett was gunned down on Vine Street of ST Joe. No arrests have been made in either case, how efficient mail delivery in the tri state. The Inquirer put the local postal service to the test to determine if the U. S. P s can be trusted to deliver absentee ballots to the board of elections on time this year, and they passed. That test is part of it. 168 pieces of mail were dropped off of locations and greater Cincinnati process through the Dalton Street Post office. 93% of the letter's arrived at their destination within five days. It was supposed to happen in June but was delayed by the Corona virus today. They cut the ribbon on Homer Rama 2020. This year's showcase of new homes was happening in Cincinnati's east End features eight homes built along the river near the intersection of Riverside Drive and Delta Avenue. Those homes have a price tag of between one point to at $1.6 million. It's the first time ever home Aram has been held in the city of Cincinnati. As in its 57 year history. Another scoreless night for FC Cincinnati and another loss for the city's major league soccer team. FC Cincinnati failed to score again. Three nil lost to the Philadelphia Union. Our next updates at 9 30. Brian Combs, NewsRadio seven W W. Discover your dream escape at nem, a colon experience bespoke adventures and your own butler at falling rock indulgent wonder at the chateau, where elegance meets fine dining.

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