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Maybe and again on on one level it's entertainment you're going to get to the finals and you can flip a to take your shot against golden state maybe next year you may lose you may win that's that's pretty good it's don't get me wrong and maybe lebrun decided to stay his whole career in cleveland and just in that would be your yeah he's never moving again right are literally with him for the next ten years if he wants to play that long at this point but it's just something you have to always think about in sports people there is no untradeable person in sports they're they're just is lohyna is you would not trade stuff curry for who for what as tutu called ricky watters where the greatest quotes ever with exhaustive he's gonna go go across the middle to catch a passive member that ricky watters a running back and philosophical very somebody gives lower tax rates therefore salary traders the cavaliers give you lebrun james in cairo serving of course you tradings after now that's a ridiculous assumption your point is valid in that a lot of guys you're not gonna get great value for admittedly but nobody is we've seen it too often in sports michael these guys people move there is the the rarity of a derek cheater now that claes one team for his whole career we just don't see it right and there are some un you're not gonna trade tom brady couldn't do that in the un of obviously when he's thirty not allow these forty now getting their national of who's still the best quarterback in the game so you're not gonna treat a guy like him all right well we found the one on tradable dudits for 'cause you're not get anything bag in the nfl they'll trade deal trade randy moss for a fourth round her which is ridiculous it also they they went super bowls because the time that he's not gonna treat him we found him we found the one guy and baseball.

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