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For his descendants to go to college already, there are twelve recipients they're also plans to build a memorial park named after him near the Jack Daniel's distillery. What is done for my family is? Let the world know. Who near screen is so. Fine Waiver in my book has a Rockstar. Sometimes it takes a person from the outside to rediscover truths and uncover new ones that were always there, but just needed more attention and today thanks to the creation of uncle, nearest whiskey near story is one more people will like the here, because in the world of whiskey and Bourbon the good story, and is important as the actual. Drink itself especially when it's an important one. One. It's odd to say it this way, but it's it whiskey with a mission behind it, and I think that it will continue to be that long long long after I'm gone every time, someone orders Jack. Daniel's Tennessee whiskey. They're helping to keep his memory alive. That's been the case for more than one hundred fifty years. Font is creating the same legacy for nearest green. Everyone, I wanNa let you know this is the last episode of our. Let's call it winter season. Thank you so much for listening. And just you know we are already hard work on several news stories, and we'll be back with a full season very shortly, but until then be sure to keep an eye out for some bonus, content and other stories. We're going to be publishing in the coming. Coming weeks, we think you're really like them. Don't forget. We love hearing from you. You can reach us in so many different ways. There's the brought to you by facebook group. There's email bt, Y, BE AT BUSINESS INSIDER DOT com. There's twitter you can even call and leave a message at six, four, six, seven, six, eight, four, seven seven seven. Share any thoughts you have about the show or Or tell us about brands in your life or ask a customer service question that we just might answer on air and if that isn't enough, wait, there's more subscribe to our newsletter for more about the stories you've heard on this podcast for the latest updates on the stories were working on and for some behind the scenes photos from our production process, and please stay safe and stay healthy thanks. Thanks for listening this episode was produced by me with Julia Press and Sarah Wyman special thanks to any Dula and Clare Bandera. Bill Moss is our sound engineer. who makes these episodes sound so darn good music is from Audio Network John Galore and Casey Holford composed our theme. Our editor is Michaela Blind and Sarah Wyman is our show runner brought to you. By is a production of insider audio..

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