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Works on it. And a woo. No, no. You're not doing anything. You're not cool and just because you can Bank on the fact that some twenty year old doesn't understand what that song was where it comes from a now is humming at not realizing the pedigree from which it came not that I have an opinion about the issue. That is the song is actually called ocean to ocean. Also, why is it in aqua? I africa. I know it's. Less the rains down in the ocean. That's true. They only sample the song. So they only use the chorus and they retitled at ocean to ocean. And the voice that you heard is somebody named RIA. But it's so I don't know rea-. I know what you're doing. But what I'm saying is also what I was reading about this song is that they. They use it in a segment where apparently the movie ends up on the Seren Getty, so found some place to shoehorn like who in their right mind when you're thinking of songs to bring to the movie Akwa, man, Toto's Africa. Again, Toto's I think your point because it charted again and people were loving the song again. In the moment right now. And they thought we gotta do it. What else? What other? He's got to do it. You could I'm a Barbie aquaman song. You know? I'm I'm just saying you could come up with a better connection to water, then Toto's Africa. But it wouldn't be as popular, and you wouldn't be able to get. Hopefully, this will stink to high heaven and people will not be amused. Well, we.

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