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Go from Fidel in Pleasanton at two two oh five Tracy Julie deckers were KQ weedy I'm Judy Woodruff on the next news hour another critical test how do we determine who has antibodies to covert nineteenth that's Friday on the PBS newshour stay tuned for the news hour this afternoon at three o'clock I'm Marco Werman you're with the world in Chinese politics today is a big one the kickoff of the annual meeting of the national people's Congress the gathering is seen as the most important political event of the year even though the legislative body mostly rubber stamps decisions already made by the communist leadership this year's meeting was delayed by two months because of the corona virus and of course the pandemic is a big topic there as the world looks to see what China will do next we're joined by Rebekah cancer from Sean hi one of the world's Asia correspondent Rebecca give us a sense of why the annual Congress is so important and what is the top line message leadership is sending this year number one everyone's really looking at okay what's the what's the GDP every year in P. C. they always say what the expected GDP growth is going to be and they're going to talk about different policies that they're going to put in place it's a time to sort of see everyone all the delegates together and for journalists at the usually a time to be able to get a little bit of inside look at what's going on so let's start with the economic piece of this puzzle the world seems headed toward a recession from the corona virus pandemic and one of the big pieces of news you cut tip to that side of the Congress is that this is the first year Beijing is not set growth targets with the government basically wants people to produce the coming year so how important are these goals of the Chinese people what could it mean that this year there are no targets well yes so he could turn his senior number two behind as she can ping he said out right we are not going to set a growth target women Mayo to tool Cheney had seen Jesus will change so what he's saying is basically because of the pandemic this is a very uncertain economy and we just can't make a a growth target this year this is the first year in decades that China's growth actually contracted and so that just as a signal that okay there's a there's a lot of work to be done and it could be a setback because side China has a school you know several your goal of eliminating poverty and that's gonna probably set back the school a bit how important are those with targets in the minds of the Chinese people does that leave workers in limbo without these targets you know it sets the mood for the country right so in the past it was always like okay is it six percent seven percent and you know just people's feeling was always a very optimistic feeling and so to say we're not setting a growth target that's very telling for just for me like I okay so there's gonna be some uncertainty then there is the political peace Hong Kong especially in focus here a China unveiled a new national security law that seeks to limit freedoms in Hong Kong what's going on there the Chinese government in Beijing has been I think trying for years to get the Hong Kong legislature to sort of pass this national security law that would make it more under Beijing's control and it's never really gone through because there's been a of course a lot of people protesting what's going on this year is there saying okay we're going to implement a national security law for for Hong Kong the pro democracy legislators in Hong Kong were not very happy so today in legislature there was protest of people holding signs saying you know Hong Kong.

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