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Of the military community here's what's ahead in thirty minutes next time on the world i was curious i was nervous this army vet had a lot on his mind i was in iraq through november of two thousand and seven as he got ready to meet this guy my name is hope i left iraq in two thousand seven two men share memories of a war that descended into chaos their stories and the news on the world the stories and the news and thirty minutes the news with the bbc world service live from london and it's all on the world two o'clock on kqed this is fresh air i'm dave davies and for terry gross tomorrow means day and we're listening to my interview with mark bowden author of black hawk down about his new book way 1968 it's a detailed account of the bloodiest single battle of the vietnam war and a turning point in the conflict communist seized the old curiel vietnamese capital of way and 1968 is part of the offensive a set of coordinated surprise attacks on cities throughout south vietnam you know one of the things that you write about is the deception and selfdeception within the american military telling politicians that they're winning the war that the other side is suffering so many casual sex they can't go on now suddenly this imperial city way is the enemies control did this deception continue how did.

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