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Of that big giant price tag getting through i think this one's dad he brought it up in richfield ohio today near cleveland and he has some union people there and people involved with highways and engineers you know and it in an appeals well but it's not gonna go anywhere i think one of the first mistakes that he made on this was he should have done it right out of the box when he got elected you know it's a great bill this is one of those bills that it's a hold hands you know i've been through two of them everybody loves the bill unfortunately a lot of things have changed and he's just not going to get traction on this one unfortunately it's going to have to happen because of our crumbling infrastructure it's just seriously not in the cards right now and i think that's unfortunate for the country remember obama when he was president went to ohio in twenty eleven same thing he wanted this massive infrastructure plan that they were calling an economic stimulus sort of part two and that never did anything either that didn't go anywhere so strange like you said when i was there within a six year cycle we would do these massive bills never had a problem now people in the white house andy card for example that was chief of staff for george bush he didn't want the bill and he used to fight us on it but we've actually said here and of course president bush vetoed the bill but a great piece legislation but you're right right just in recent history it just doesn't make it but it will have to happen sometime at least in the next three or four years one other thing unfortunately kate because they don't do these bills none of the states where locals can do infrastructure planning because you know you have to have a lot of lead time on these wants to projects are approved absolutely it's like a revolving door when it comes to working at the white house and now you got the veterans affairs situation a navy doctor no experience that kind of thing with as far as the federal bureaucracy which is a mountain especially as you know in that position it's so crazy so you've got this rear admiral ronnie jackson and you got veteran groups who are really not happy they're complaining saying he doesn't have the right.

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