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I got it was would have been great in the eighteen hundred porn headed adopt. So you mentioned wonderfully talented people. You're with and Kayla had the MIC and AP bio and Charlie. You know I mean he did more work at the Super Bowl the fucking most here right so I was with him the week before we spent a lot of time together obviously and He was like Super Bowl. WHOA he's like? They asked me to do so commercial. Sure they did force they. He's like I don't know how many days of work one too I was like I. I was a symbol of commercialism. Awesome expecting something and I turn on the game. And I'm watching him like he's he's like four different every break every cutting to Charlie and then I tweeted something in the some sometime midway through the fourth quarter something about Charlie having a bigger role in the game than the Than the chiefs offense. Yeah and I swear as soon as I hit send I mean it was like I was like all right. That was a good tweet and then I'm watching this happen. I'm like this is not aging mm-hmm well aging well and of course if you've been following chiefs all season certainly Patrick mahomes almost entire career. You're like well he's GonNa he's go figure something out but I wanna come to your defense here. This is an issue near dear to my heart. You didn't get old takes exposed. That's a big thing. People like to tweet like takes. That ended up being wrong in that moment. He you were correct. That was a right. He gets hit a lot with that as well as fine. In the moment it was good it was correct age it lived it. Didn't that time and in that time it was the correct. Yes it wasn't a prediction I would. You didn't say he the end of the game. Charlie will have been in this more than she offers. You said Charlie has been there's more than the chiefs offense rob. You're right and then I was. I was able to retro retroactively ameliorate not by going into leading this week. That was right in the moment but but just changing the wording in a little bit and saying that he's got more a bigger role in this game than the forty niners defending you go. I was just so happy for anti I really was. He brought a lot any re- obviously they he. He brought a lot of joy to the city field. Anybody who was not and I ask you this because I I. I Forgive Eagles fans. If you guys didn't get your ring what would you have felt. Would you be happy. Would you have been salty. WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN I L S. I mean it's hard to. It's hard to say shirt. Sure you'd be you'd be upset but it's just hard to root against somebody it's like I I whenever I hear people talk about Donovan mcnabb to them like look. Donald mcnabb brought a lot of joy to the city of Philadelphia. More than other quarterbacks other players Who are beloved Randall? Cunningham is like beloved one of my favorite players. Because that's when I was ten years old. That's who watching right but Randall didn't get us to. The Super Bowl ran on and get us to four. NFC Championships Right. So so yes. He didn't go all the way. But man you got real close so I always thought about Andy So I I to go back. That's what I was saying. This is your first big project when everybody else has kinda done their own thing. You feel like it's You know your time to break out of the bubble a little bit with Cathodic Quest Raven's banquet gas all this is good. That's good when you are B or some shit. I don't know but I I really when we were talking talking about the title we were like okay so so we have this other show and which is the most ridiculous in horrible title in the history of television now become an asset for some reason so so how can we do that again. came up with another one. And you're like how now Brown car before like West Raven domeisen banks commit hoping that peop- next season's going to be called something else so it's going to be working really. Yeah so the show about a video game called mythic quest is the name of the actually the name of the show but each year is going to be about a new update or expand is so this year is about. If you don't know anything about video games and expansion has basically just just the mode of play for that particular year so it would be ravens banquet which is so fucking stupid. First season next season. It'll be mythic mythic quest something else third season then so are we signed on for that. We're doing we're in the middle of the second season awesome and once we get the season fourteen fifteen. I don't know what it's going to be something you you had planned for a while or is this like apple came to you. We want you to make a show. No actually we were approached by UBISOFT which is a game company and they said we want to do something in the video game industry and I was like I. Just don't I didn't care that much. Are you a Gamer Games. But I wouldn't consider myself a Gamer But they invited me up to their studio in Montreal and I visited with them and and got to meet a lot of the like characters that that worked up there and I told the store a few times I was really funny so I walk walk in again having no interest in making a show about the gaming industry and I see this guy. He's just head to toe in black right and he's got these rings and as long long beard and he's got a cane but he's got to be thirty five years old and he's not limping or anything and the right and he's just like walking and I'm like Oh hey man man he's a clue and I'm like so what do you what do you do he goes. I'm creative director of creative director. and He looked out into the heavens. You know fucking fluorescent lights. And he goes brother. I build worlds me for one second. I went outside. I was like Papa Papa Charlie doing a show about these motherfucking on it and then I spent the rest of the day hang out with them and then and meeting all he's like it was actually a really cool eye opening experience. I don't know if you guys play games. But you know it's obviously global phenomenon and what you realize is. It's the stereotype has always been. Oh Oh it's the fourteen year old boy in his mom's basement. Whatever completely untrue that industry dwarfs the entertainment industry ran theft auto? When I tell people that they can't believe it? I mean it's fucking open true. I don't know if you know this. Grand Theft auto as a gaming series has made more money than the entire star wars star wars franchise including merchandise. Nice grand theft auto has made more money as a franchise then Pixar the movie studio sold to Disney whole entire libraries past past and present. So you realize and everybody knows who Steven Spielberg is. Everybody who George Lucas's right couldn't tell you you tell me the people people that right and so that fucking Piss Star Games right the name. Yeah so you know the studio but you don't know the people behind behind them right and you have these these these incredibly gifted engineers that make these games. And they're looking around they'll go. I got people playing this game all over the world. It's made ten ten billion dollars whatever and nobody knows my name and like when you have that kind of that kind of situation and the eagles at takes Jan the mall together and everybody's got their own gig within the studio. It just makes for a really fun fun environment that you said that. It's they all hate each other. Well I don't I don't know how to do a show where the characters look with the best shows of all time are always shows with people stuck together right even family sitcoms uh-huh if everybody's just getting along and it's all fun and sweet what the fuck show is that right can relate rather Kevin actually had a great question earlier earlier and I'm GonNa let you ask it because it was your and I feel like it. All Applied Ian Grim is a guy in Ryan grim noxious. Sports Your Eye Ryan what I feel like your every time. Any of you guys talk about your characters on sunny it comes with like of course this disclaimer of other awful. They're disgusting. They're arrogant they're selfish. They're rude but like you kinda like Mac right. Well Yeah I mean this. He kind of down the the way that we got to where we got to and I really think this is true about any any certainly television actor and then and their relationship with their character. Because you're doing it all the time and you're spending a lot of time with with that character and then the writers are seeing what you do well and then writing too that there are aspects six of your own personality right that are on display. And then. Because that's what you know how to do and then you're just taking the most extreme versions of that and then putting it on putting it on screen right so so so I'm real. It's like yes. I would never behave the way that MAC does. But it's almost like I have this opportunity to exercise all of like my jar not get it out and so the it gives me the opportunity to do that one when between action and cut and then I can say whatever I want right and then after that I'm like yeah well you know I feel I feel much better exercising. You get on the podcast and just say whatever they want like. I see the show and I see the Yang and I. I hear that they're awful. I'll see I'd love to hang out with those people and it's I think it's as bad things about me as a person because like I know we'd get along fun I didn't know if fraud mcelhinney and I would. Yeah I knew me and MAC would we would. I think that does speak more. Dan Look I do hear that a lot and I think that the joke is always like oh well then you know you're a psychopath path as well but I don't think that's true. I think that the reason that people been able to watch it for fourteen years is because no matter how terrible the characters are they're homophobic misogynistic bacon racist and all these awful things. It's so clear that we're not ran it and you hear all this bullshit. All the time about people are like. Oh it's all one big happy family and they're lying. Think this show. We are found with because we are all related or we're married to one another war and we are and we have because we've been together for fifteen sixteen years and I knew those skype for another three years before that we're all best friends and so it's so obvious. I hope it's obvious that that as you're watching it you you can't help but even even if your conscious brain is watching what you're watching your Lizard Brain and your subconscious is picking up on the fact that the filmmakers themselves are not misogynist racist homophobic phobic and and we're having a blast doing right.

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