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Was on Monday. And who better to talk to? To get this season going to talk about the season than Connor Ryan. Obviously congressman, come on. To discuss that he was at practice on Monday. And I thought this episode would discuss the biggest storylines facing the team and the storylines. I think we're going to hear the most about this year. You're going to wonder about you're going to tweet about think about and it's going to feel your mind all the time. And we preview them. They're about 5. 5 biggest storylines. Heading into this season. And they're big ones. They are big ones. These are ones. I'm not going to say it's hard to compare year by year because at the time there are big questions always. But these feel like the big ones. These feel huge. Guys coming back, you know, big pieces of the veteran core coming back. I don't think we've had that in past years. We haven't wondered if Chara's going to come back. He went to the capitols last year. And before that, there wasn't any big pieces that are in court that left. This year there was two. One seems like he'll be back in other. They're saying might be, but probably won't be who knows. These were the biggest storylines of the year. And here is my conversation. With Connor Ryan. And we're here with Connor Ryan, Connor, what is up? Evan, doing well. How you doing? I'm doing great. I had a tough start to my Monday though. People know people we record this on Mondays. So I got up at 5 a.m. on Monday for thinking, wow, I mean, you're crazy. And you'd be correct. Sick brag, I was going to the gym. I had to go before where I just started had to go to the gym. Couldn't do it after. I had to go before. But so I wake up at 5, whatever. I also like getting up when no one else is up when it's just like me. It's just easy to get to go right out..

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