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Of a slowdown. Our next couple traffic 8 14. And Shannon O'Donnell has your Komal forecast. Everybody happy Tuesday night. Hopefully your cozy and warm somewhere because it is what nasty outdoors not that great for getting out there to walk the dog around the block. Even today, it has been really tough out there with that nonstop, relentless rainfall in the Cascades. It's been the nonstop snow making for very difficult past travel, snowing and gusty up over the Cascades and raining and dusty down below, especially around the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the San Juans in Bellingham. Let's see if you Gus there between 45 65 MPH and cover Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell right now. 43 degrees in Seattle. Stay connected. Stay informed the comb. Oh, evening news. Come on. News time is 805 Art Sanders in your top local stories from the camo 24 7 News Center. Governor jeans lease out with a new plan for reopening the state during the Corona virus outbreak right now, Case numbers air flatter, have dropped slightly, but remain near record highs. If certain goals involving case numbers hospitalizations, test numbers in ICU capacities are met. Some restrictions will be eased is, Lee says, will be based on regions, not county, Eight regions. They're both based on health system resource is over the geographic area. Or the region's consists of King Pierce in Snohomish County's Some activities will be allowed starting next week, including limited.

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