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House dot com fan it's the morning show along with the rest yeah give me an update studio for some again for the great before we get to that who are present in the baseball the answer somebody who plays catch with us on at least once a month through your into it in his entire life right Thailand then in fifty five well whatever he's a great market journal and marcher of obviously a son is in general manager of the Cleveland Indians Mikey turn off and I figured I wanted to ask you a as a baseball aficionado and experts somebody who loves the game watches the game if a pitcher comes to you and says in dog out that he's gassed what is he telling you he's basically saying he's tired he wants out I'm done for the day yeah so he's a get me out get me out of the game Jerry you are a baseball guy your baseball coach sure and you're you're a hardcore baseball coach you're there every weekend near where sounds and you deal with pictures yeah you know and ten eleven years old for those pitchers come to use as a coach on gas hello done so tonight also said it's a team decision there's no surprise there he didn't make the decision to take himself out of the game you can I can agree that when a picture says he's gas that that should lead to a decision that probably means he's coming out but why would agree with that but that's different than a picture saying I want to come out of the game Tanaka could have said I'm gas but I'll give you even more I'll go out there but he was on he didn't say that okay but he didn't say take me out either which is my point outside of an injury I don't think a page is ever going to say take me out of the game she says he's ghastly he's well he says he's gas that's his his his queue to basically for that so that the manager understands take me out now after six I don't want to tell you how one out but I'm telling ya I want yeah so don't blame don't blame Erin bone for taking him out right get I after sixty eight pages your your he's gone by what the that the player saying to a movie I'm glad you know in in some respects that trip to knock was honest with them right right I mean don't you think Johns are others I stand should be honest like I look skip I can't go but we don't do we even know what he's really saying I have no idea not saying now we'll find out at some point today thank you for your welcome for validating my point I see your big luncheon today thank you very much hall of Famer right wow he is so bad he just sits there quietly yeah but they say they Paul in Milford joins us on the fans going up all you guys down in a pool yeah Hey listen I watch the post game show after the games they interviewed cannot go with his interpreter and they asked him could you have gone on he hesitated for a moment if you watch the video any kind of right and he said the team has a plan and it ended right there and then it came out a couple of days later that year yeah I don't believe anything that aren Boone has if there anything and you can watch that video and you can absolutely do that the last thing I'll say about this because I'm about to take a pan and stand my eyeball with it is that if there's anything that we should not be criticizing its Masahiro Tanaka who was great in game one I'm not he recites a race that he was gay I will save all guessing on Moscow's saying don't think making him and I'm not and I will I wasn't I what I I I I came in the other right in an idea came in the next days and I agree with everything that that bone and don so did I so I just license Masahiro Tanaka said he was gassed I'm gonna be down and I in the second your ideas Cyclops by the end of the show all right let's get to Jerry just I just don't want the fans of blame arm bone that's all and I'm not like wall not waving the flag right Erin bloom I'm but I think he's had a you know he's he's dealt a I hand that he's trying to play and his offense is not supporting it but that decision really hasn't mattered all that much if someone could say all the bull pen came in came on and then they saw the pictures in game two yeah it took eleven innings for them to break through and what they're saying Chad green in a game when you didn't have to when he's only from sixty eight pitches while I'm telling you yeah reason they did that is because the doctor said he was cast right now I'm saying that doctor was great he's pitching again tonight and I is good the big problem is.

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